Links are good as of October 2019. I try to go through and check links about once a year and update. If you find a broken link anywhere on my site, please contact me and let me know! I hate going to sites where half the links are broken, and try not to do this to others. I can use all the help I can get keeping this current. If you know of an organization I haven't listed, please tell me what you know about them and send me a link.


IOLI has a large lending library of lace pattern books and videos, including tatting, available to USA members of the organization. This alone was well worth the price of admission for me. They hold a yearly convention, publish a very professional quarterly newsletter, maintain a lace collection that travels for study purposes, and have chapters in a lot of places. They also have a forum for asking questions and making contacts in the lace community. If you live in the states and can only afford to belong to one organization that isn't local to you, this is the one to pick...
ADDRESS: International Organization of Lace - IOLI
           PO Box 132
           Paola, KS 66071
           E-Mail: contact@internationalorganizationof lace.org

Ring of Tatters
This is the other world-wide organization, but for tatters only. They also publish a very professional journal twice a year, maintain a lending library for those people indigenous to England, and are very active in promoting tatting at fiber events and museums all over the UK. It is worth joining for the journal alone. They just held their 35th anniversary during 2015.
ADDRESS: CHAIRMAN, Ring of Tatters
           Ring of Tatters
           C/o 8 Railway Cottages
           East Yorkshire
           HU15 1EN

This is an on-line organization that provides a meeting place for tatters and other crafters all over the world. They maintain chatrooms in multiple languages. There is a huge library of free use patterns, links to blogs, a bibliography of books, tutorials - just about anything you can think of to ask questions about. Craftree took the place of Intatters and does not lack for interesting discussions, patterns and help with perplexing tatting related problems. I can't recommend them enough!

Tatters Guild of Australia
The aim of the Tatters’ Guild of Australia (NSW Branch Inc.) is to be a catalyst for creativity in lacemaking. Judith Merrill is a founding member of this organization. There is a very strong tradition of lacemaking in Australia, and a lot of contemporary design talent that makes their home there. If you live in Australia, this is the organization to belong to.

Palmetto Tatters
Their goal is to spread tatting like kudzu across the South! Membership dues are one(1) tatted butterfly a year. They host an annual convention (TAT DAYS) that is always well attended and draws designers from all over the world.
Address: Palmetto Tatters Guild
           P.O. Box 1597
           Lexington, SC 29071

NUTS About Tatting Association
This association has sadly gone the way of the dodo bird, but it is still fun to go to the website and read the little tatting-related anecdotes and stories that people put up with their membership. People who signed up evidently got a walnut mailed to them with their membership number carved into it. People treasure these nuts.

The Center for the History of American Needlework
I know nothing about this organization, but ran across a reference to it in a "Creative Crafts" article, so I went looking. They are apparently still in business. They used to put out a quarterly newsletter. Can anyone tell me more about them? I know they are a nonprofit that began January 10th, 1975. They have an address at:
           5660 Beacon St.
           Pittsburgh, PA 15217

           And they have a PO Box in:
           PO Box 359
           Valencia, PA 16059

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