MYRTLE M. HAMILTON, December 1st, 1895 to March 8 2003

This page lists all the wonderful tatting patterns (and a few crochet) that Myrtle M. Hamilton put out for decades that I'm aware of. Though she never published her patterns as a book, she was wonderfully prolific, and wrote several series of charming articles supporting the art of tatting. This list is not complete and never will be(Georgia Seitz has stated that many of the unattributed patterns in "Workbasket" were actually Mrs. Hamilton's work), but I will continue to add to the list as I finish cataloging runs of magazines and find more articles. Tatters everywhere owe Mrs Hamilton a debt of gratitude for all the lovely designs she generated for us to enjoy, during a long dry spell where she was nearly a one woman band in the USA.

Myrtle M. Hamilton was born December 1st, 1895 in Potter County, Mills, Pennsylvania( Stephanie's Blog) and passed away March 8 of 2003 at the age of 107. She was survived by at least one daughter, Barbara Burrous. She grew up as a farmer's daughter, and lived in Coudersport, Pennsylvania most of her life. That's not much to know about a woman whose life spanned an entire century! This page gives me the excuse of going back and rereading all of Mrs. Hamilton's articles. I'll add more to this as I come across crumbs of biography to add.

Born Myrtle M. Bartoo in Mills Pennsylvania, Potter County, she was the tenth child of twelve, six sons followed by four daughters, and grew up on a fairly prosperous farm. “All the Bartoo children attended the little rural school built by the elder Bartoos on the Bartoo estate. This school was taught by various members of the family – an uncle, an aunt, and finally [a] sister and brother of Dr. [Dorr] Bartoo.” (Dorr Bartoo Obituary) Given the choice of two years of college or a cow, Myrtle chose college, graduating from Grove City College Normal School. She taught grade school before marrying Loren Hamilton. (Valerie Peters) Her family included three sons. I learned from Georgia Seitz that one of Mrs. Hamilton's doilies made it onto the cover of a mathematics textbook! Anyone with more information on this, please contact me. I'm dying for bib details so I can hunt this down. One of the reasons I love tatting as much as I do is the mathematical precision required to design and make pieces. It doesn't surprise me at all that a tatted doily would appeal to a math textbook publisher...

Most of my information came from Valerie Peters put up a family portrait of her grandmother and all her living siblings with a small snippet of family history - one of those siblings was Myrtle.

Here is a copy of her obituary notice that Becky Clark tracked down for me:
Myrtle M. Hamilton Obituary
      Myrtle M. Hamilton, 107, of Coudersport, PA, formerly of Ulysses, PA, and Riverside Manor, Westfield, PA, died Saturday, March 8, 2003 in the Cole Memorial Hospital, Coudersporn.
      Born December 1, 1895, in Mills, PA, she was a daughter of Henry and Clara Grover Barton. On May 10, 1916, in Harrison Valley, PA, she married Loren D. Hamilton, who predeceased her in 1975. Mrs. Hamilton and her husband owned and operated a farm in Ulysses for many years. She was a member of the Ulysses United Methodist Church and the Ulysses Grange. She was well known for tatting. Her tatting patterns were published in many magazines, including Old-Time Crochet Patterns and Designs, Stitch and Sew, McCall's and Workbasket.
      Surviving are; three sons, Bernard R. (Betty) Hamilton of Painted Post NY, D. Blair (Vivian) Hamilton of Genesee, PA, and William K. Hamilton of Ulysses; 9 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; five great-great-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by a granddaughter, a great-granddaughter, and 11 siblings.
      Friends may call Monday, March 10, 2003 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM at the Benjamin R. Olney Funeral Home, Ulysses, PA, where Funeral Services will be held on Tuesday at 11:00 AM. The Rev. Glenn A. Hamilton will officiate. Burial will be in Ulysses Cemetery. Memorials may be made to a charity of the donor's choice.

—Erwin, Steuben County, NY,

Magazines I am still working on cataloging:
"American Needlewoman"
"Golden Hands: New Guide"
"Great American Crafts"
"Hearth & Home"
"Home Arts: Needlecraft"
"McCall's Needlework & Crafts"
"Modern Priscilla"
"Women's Circle"(haven't found any tatting in the handful of issues I have of this title, but it's another Tower Press periodical, so what are the odds?)
"Women's Household"(I've finished cataloging what I have, but still far from having a complete run...)

Magazines that I've catalogued and checked but found no Myrtle Hamilton articles:
"Annie's Crochet Newsletter"
"Annie's Pattern Club Newsletter"
"Country Handcrafts"
"Crafting Traditions"
"Crafts'n Things"
"Crochet World"
"Crochet World Omnibook"
"Lace Crafts Quarterly"
"Needle & Thread"
"Pattern World"

Magazine Articles by(or about!) Myrtle M. Hamilton:
All patterns are for Tatting unless otherwise noted in parentheses. Question marks mean I either don't have that issue, or have an issue with missing pages.

(Full bibliographies for the magazines can be found in the magazine section at the bottom of the Tatting book bibliography)

    • "Square Medallion"
      ISSUE: Winter 1969(Vol. 2:12)
    • "Square Medallion"
      ISSUE: Jun/July 1972(Vol. 4:1)
  • Great American Crafts
    • "Tatted Roses Doily"
      ISSUE: April 1999(Vol. 43, No. 2)
      NOTE: This is a reprint from "Workbasket" May 1987- one of the few patterns that "Workbasket" acknowledged was Myrtle's
    • "Table Runner"
      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1981(Vol. 4:6)
    • "Trio of Collars(1 with Matching Cuffs)"
      "(5)Butterfly Appliques"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb. 1983(Vol. 6:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Heart Pincushion"

      ISSUE: WINTER 1982(Vol. 4:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Pearl Beaded Necklace"

      ISSUE: SPRING 1983(Vol. 4:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Narcissus Doily"

      ISSUE: FALL 1983(Vol. 5:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: WINTER 1983(Vol. 5:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      15"x12" Table Mat"

      ISSUE: SPRING 1984(Vol. 5:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Trimmed Handkerchief"

      ISSUE: SUMMER 1984(Vol. 6:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: FALL 1984(Vol. 6:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      10 1/2" Square Doily"

      ISSUE: WINTER 1984(Vol. 6:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      9" Doily"

      ISSUE: SPRING 1985(Vol. 6:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      11 1/2" x 15" Place Mat"

      ISSUE: SUMMER 1985(Vol. 7:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Jelly Jar Covers"

      ISSUE: FALL 1985(Vol. 7:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Star Doily"

      ISSUE: WINTER 1985(Vol. 7:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      10" Hairpin Lace Doily"

      ISSUE: SPRING 1986(Vol. 7:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Tatted Collar"

      ISSUE: SUMMER 1986(Vol. 8:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Cross Bookmark"

      ISSUE: FALL 1986(Vol. 8:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: SPRING 1987(Vol. 8:4)
    • "Fan Bookmark, Collar, Rosary"
      ISSUE: WINTER 1995(Vol. 17:4)
    • "Nimble Fingers:
      (4)Snowflakes, Bell, Button Trims"

      ISSUE: Oct/Nov. 1974(Vol. 2:5)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Bell, Wreath Ornaments"

      ISSUE: Dec/Jan. 1975(Vol. 3:1)
    • "Nimble Fingers:
      3 Pretty Hankie Trims"

      ISSUE: Feb/Mar. 1975(Vol. 3:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      (4)Butterfly Motifs"

      ISSUE: Apr/May 1975(Vol. 3:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Spring Bouquet"

      ISSUE: Jun/Jul. 1975(Vol. 3:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Collar with Front Trim"

      ISSUE: Aug/Sept. 1975(Vol. 3:5)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Learning to Tat,
      Chair Set"

      ISSUE: Oct/Nov. 1975(Vol. 3:6)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      8" Doily"

      ISSUE: Dec/Jan. 1976(Vol. 4:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Border for Round Collar(Lillian A. Sampson)"

      ISSUE: Feb/Mar. 1976(Vol. 4:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Baby Bonnet"

      ISSUE: Apr/May 1976(Vol. 4:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Jun/Jul. 1976(Vol. 4:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Collars with Matching Medallions(1917 "Needlecraft")"

      ISSUE: Aug/Sept. 1976(Vol. 4:5)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Doily & Medallion"

      ISSUE: Oct/Nov. 1976(Vol. 4:6)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      1920 Centerpiece"

      ISSUE: Dec/Jan. 1977(Vol. 5:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Neck Chain"

      ISSUE: Feb/Mar. 1977(Vol. 5:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      1918 Centerpiece"

      ISSUE: Apr/May 1977(Vol. 5:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Collar in Points"

      ISSUE: Jun/Jul. 1977(Vol. 5:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Aug/Sept. 1977(Vol. 5:5)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Oct/Nov. 1977(Vol. 5:6)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Dec/Jan. 1978(Vol. 6:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Feb/Mar. 1978(Vol. 6:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Apr/May 1978(Vol. 6:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      10" Doily"

      ISSUE: Jun/Jul. 1978(Vol. 6:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Aug/Sept. 1978(Vol. 6:5)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Notepaper Designs"

      ISSUE: Oct/Nov. 1978(Vol. 6:6)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      8" Doily"

      ISSUE: Dec/Jan. 1979(Vol. 7:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Necklace with Pearl Beads"

      ISSUE: Apr/May 1979(Vol. 7:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      3 Sq. Medallions"

      ISSUE: Jun/Jul. 1979(Vol. 7:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Fan Bookmark"

      ISSUE: Aug/Sept. 1979(Vol. 7:5)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      11 1/4" Doily"

      ISSUE: Oct/Nov. 1979(Vol. 7:6)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      8 1/2" Doily"

      ISSUE: Dec/Jan. 1980(Vol. 8:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      3D Basket"

      ISSUE: Feb/Mar. 1980(Vol. 8:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Apr/May 1980(Vol. 8:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Dollhouse Bedspread"

      ISSUE: Summer 1980
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Baby Bonnet"

      ISSUE: Fall 1980(Vol. 8:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Dollhouse Tablecloth"

      ISSUE: Winter 1980(Vol. ???)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      1925 Doily"

      ISSUE: Spring 1981(Vol. 9:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: Summer 1981(Vol. 9:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Beaded Rosary"

      ISSUE: Fall 1981(Vol. 9:3)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      9 1/2" Doily"

      ISSUE: Winter 1981(Vol. 9:4)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      14" Sq. Pillow"

      ISSUE: Spring 1982(Vol. 10:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Child's Collar"

      ISSUE: Summer 1982(Vol. 11:1)
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Collar and Cuff Set"

      ISSUE: Fall 1982(Vol. 11:2)
    • "Shuttlebutt:

      ISSUE: SPECIAL 1983
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Butterfly Doily"

      ISSUE: SPECIAL 1984
    • "Shuttlebutt:
      Heart Sachet"

      ISSUE: SPECIAL 1985
    • "Irish Lace Doily"
      ISSUE: April 1966(Vol. 1:9)
    • "Vanity Set with Matching Doilies,"
      "Metallic Trim(crochet)"

      ISSUE: July 1966(Vol. 1:12)
    • "Placemat",
      "Tatting Triumphs: 3 Designs"

      ISSUE: Aug. 1966(Vol. 2:1)
    • "(5)Snowflakes for Christmas Packages,"
      "Crochet and Hairpin Lace,"
      "Lacy Tablecloth(crochet),"
      "Tatted Placemat"

      ISSUE: Oct. 1966(Vol. 2:3)
    • "Combine Crocheting with Tatting Chairset"
      ISSUE: Nov. 1966(Vol. 2:4)
    • "Blue Flower Doily"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1967(Vol. 3:3)
    • "Medallion Doily"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1967(Vol. 3:4)
    • "Small Doilies"
      ISSUE: May 1967(Vol. 3:5)
    • "Medallion Doily"
      ISSUE: Jun. 1967(Vol. 3:6)
    • "Tatted Collar & Cuff Set with Irish Lace"
      ISSUE: Jul. 1967(Vol. 3:7)
    • "Original Doily"
      ISSUE: Aug. 1967(Vol. 3:8)
    • "Bath Towel with Butterfly Applique"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1967(Vol. 3:10)
    • "Raised Rose Doily"
      ISSUE: Dec. 1967(Vol. 3:12)
    • "Dainty Insertion"
      "Chair Set(crochet)"

      ISSUE: Jan. 1968(Vol. 4:1)
    • "Garden of Daffodils Doily"
      ISSUE: Feb. 1968(Vol. 4:2)
    • "Doily"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1968(Vol. 4:3)
    • "Baby Bonnet and Shoes"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1968(Vol. 4:4)
    • "Edging, Medallion"
      ISSUE: May 1968(Vol. 4:5)
    • "Doily"
      ISSUE: Jun. 1968(Vol. 4:6)
    • "Medallion, Edging,"
      "Hairpin Lace Placemat(crochet)"

      ISSUE: Jul. 1968(Vol. 4:7)
    • "End Table Doily"
      ISSUE: Aug. 1968(Vol. 4:8)
    • "Forget-Me-Not Doily,"

      ISSUE: Sept. 1968(Vol. 4:9)
    • "18" Black-eyed Susan Doily"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1968(Vol. 4:10)
    • "Irish Rose Collar"
      ISSUE: Nov. 1968(Vol. 4:11)
    • "Star & Rose Doily"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1969(Vol. 3:8)
    • "17" Exquisite Doily"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1969(Vol. 3:9)
    • "???"
      ISSUE: May 1969(Vol. 3:9)
    • "(3)Original Edgings,"
      "(2)Pillow Case Edgings"

      ISSUE: Jun. 1969(Vol. 3:10)
    • "9" Square Doily"
      ISSUE: Jul. 1969(Vol. 3:11)
    • "Ric-RAc Medallions,"
      "Doily with Hairpin Lace"

      ISSUE: Aug. 1969(Vol. 3:12)
    • "Bath Towel Edging,"
      "Daisy Doily"

      ISSUE: Sept. 1969(Vol. 4:2)
    • "Pillow Case Insertion"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1969(Vol. 4:3)
    • "Collar,"
      "Scalloped with Rose Applique Pillow Case"

      ISSUE: Jan. 1970(Vol. 4:6)
    • "Daisy Doily"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1970(Vol. 4:8)
    • "7 1/2" x 4 1/2" Evening Bag with Pearl Beads,"
      "Pillow Case Edging with Hairpin Lace"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1970(Vol. 4:10)
    • "Crochet & Hairpin Lace"
      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1970(Vol. 5:12)
    • "Tatted Neckbands"
      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1971(Vol. 6:3)
    • "Butterfly with Jet Beads"
      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1971(Vol. 6:4)
    • "(2)Handkerchief Edgings"
      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1971(Vol. 6:5)
    • "???"
      ISSUE: Nov/Dec 1971(Vol. 6:6)
    • "???"
      ISSUE: Jan/Feb. 1972(Vol. 7:1)
    • "Tatted Barrette"
      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1972(Vol. 7:2)
    • "16" Star Doily"
      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1972(Vol. 7:2)
    • "Flower"
      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1972(Vol. 7:3)
    • "???"
      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1972(Vol. 7:4)
    • "(3)Dainty Handkerchiefs"
      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1972(Vol. 7:5)
    • "(2)Borders"
      ISSUE: Jan/Feb. 1973(Vol. 7:6)
    • "Daisy Doily"
      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1973(Vol. 8:1)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Wide Edging/Medallion"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1973(Vol. 8:2)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1973(Vol. 8:4)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Rose & Buds Hanging Ornament,
      12"x12" Star Doily"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1973(Vol. 8:5)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Pink Flower Doily"

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1974(Vol. 9:1)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Pearl Choker(cover)"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1974(Vol. 9:2)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Butterfly & Rose Edging"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1974(Vol. 9:4)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Candle Holders"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1974(Vol. 9:5)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Handkerchief Edge"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1975(Vol. 9:6)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Tatted Collar"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1975(Vol. 10:2)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1976(Vol. 11:2)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Necklace with Beads"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1976(Vol. 11:3)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Doily with Rickrack"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1976(Vol. 11:5)
    • "Beautiful Tatting:
      Edgings for Handkerchiefs"

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1977(Vol. 12:4)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Rose Doily"

      ISSUE: Aug. 1968(Vol. 1:6)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      9 1/2" Doily"

      ISSUE: Sept. 1968(Vol. 1:7)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Pillowcase Insertion"

      ISSUE: Oct. 1968(Vol. 1:8)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Single-thread Doily,
      Package Trims"

      ISSUE: Nov. 1968(Vol. 1:9)
    • "Shuttle Skill:

      ISSUE: Dec. 1968(Vol. 1:10)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      16.5"x10" Oblong Doily,
      10.5" Doily"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1969(Vol. 1:11)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Bertha Collar, Cuff Set,
      Shamrock Doily"

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1969(Vol. 1:12)
    • "Shuttle Skill:

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1969(Vol. 2:1)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Pocket for Pinafore"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1969(Vol. 2:2)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      11.5" Yellow Flower Doily"

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1969(Vol. 2:3)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Capelet in Nylon Yarn"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1969(Vol. 2:4)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      (4)Pillowcase Edgings"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1970(Vol. 2:5)
    • "Shuttle Skill:

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1970(Vol. 2:6)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Daisy Applique"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1970(Vol. 3:1)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Beaded Collar"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1970(Vol. 3:2)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      (6)Handkerchief Edgings"

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1970(Vol. 3:3)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Implement Case,
      Tatting Bag,
      Wall Pincushion"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1970(Vol. 3:4)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      14" All-white Doily(with rickrack),
      15" Pink/White Doily(with rickrack),
      10 1/4" Brown/Yellow Doily"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1971(Vol. 3:5)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Baby's Christening Dress,
      Ric Rac Medallions"

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1971(Vol. 3:6)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Lace Petal Headdress for Wedding Veil,
      Bride's Garter,
      Dress Trim,

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1971(Vol. 4:1)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Flower Applique"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1971(Vol. 4:2)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Infant's Bonnet, Booties"

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1971(Vol. 4:5)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Wide Lace for Handkerchief,
      Cross & Fan Bookmarks,

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1971(Vol. 4:6)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Heart-shaped Pincushion,
      Shuttle Case"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1972(Vol. 5:1)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Wall Hanging"

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1972(Vol. 5:2)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      (5)Pillowcase Edgings"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1972(Vol. 5:3)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Chapel Cap"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1972(Vol. 5:4)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Stationery Appliques"

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1972(Vol. 5:5)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      (5)Tree Ornaments,
      Christmas Tree Top Star"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1972(Vol. 5:6)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Alphabet Applique"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1973(Vol. 6:1)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Ring-Bearer Pillow"

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1973(Vol. 6:2)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Place Mat, Napkin Trim"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1973(Vol. 6:3)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      10 1/4" Doily with Beads,
      12" Hairpin Lace & Doily"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1973(Vol. 6:4)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Companion Pictures"

      ISSUE: Sept/Oct. 1973(Vol. 6:5)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Brown-eyed Susans Pillow Top"

      ISSUE: Nov/Dec. 1973(Vol. 6:6)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Barbie Evening Dress"

      ISSUE: Jan/Feb 1974(Vol. 7:1)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Linen Scarf with Padded Daisies"

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr. 1974(Vol. 7:2)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Infants' Jacket, Cap"

      ISSUE: May/Jun. 1974(Vol. 7:3)
    • "Shuttle Skill:
      Doily with Padded Tatting"

      ISSUE: Jul/Aug. 1974(Vol. 7:4)
    • "Shuttle Skill:

      ISSUE: Mar/Apr 1975(Vol. 8:2)
  • Women's Household
    • "10 1/2" Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: July, 1968 (Vol. 7:7)
    • "Exquisite Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: June, 1969 (Vol. 8:6)
    • "(2)Edgings w/ Triangle Inset Corners for Handkerchiefs"
      ISSUE: Jan. 1970(Vol. 9:1)
    • "Tatted Guest Towel Floral Appliques"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1970(Vol. 9:4)
    • "Tatted Flower Pictures"
      ISSUE: Dec. 1970(Vol. 9:12)
    • "Tatted Edging"
      ISSUE: Jan. 1971(Vol. 10:1)
    • "Guest Towel Edgings(1 tatted, 1 hairpin lace)"
      ISSUE: Feb. 1971(Vol. 10:2)
    • "(2)Tatted Necklaces"
      ISSUE: June 1971(Vol. 10:6)
    • "Tatted Star Doily"
      ISSUE: July 1971(Vol. 10:7)
    • "Guest Towel with Tatted Trim"
      ISSUE: Aug. 1972(Vol. 11:8)
    • "Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Sept. 1972(Vol. 11:9)
    • "13" Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1972(Vol. 11:10)
    • "Tatted Placemat"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1973(Vol. 12:3)
    • "Tatted Daisy Doily"
      ISSUE: Sept. 1973(Vol. 12:9)
    • "Linen Place Mat with Tatted Corners"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1973(Vol. 12:10)
    • "(4)Lacy Tatted Hankies, 1 Butterfly Corner"
      ISSUE: Dec. 1973(Vol. 12:12)
    • "Tatted Oblong Doily(hexagon motif)"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1974(Vol. 13:4)
    • "Dainty Tatting on Guest Towel(floral trim,edging)"
      ISSUE: June 1974(Vol. 13:6)
    • "Tatted Necklace"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1974(Vol. 13:10)
    • "Original Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Jan. 1975(Vol. 14:1)
    • "Mini Tatted Pictures"
      ISSUE: Apr. 1975(Vol. 14:4)
    • "Heart Pincushion"
      ISSUE: July 1975(Vol. 14:7)
    • "Tatted Necklace with Pearls"
      ISSUE: Nov. 1975(Vol. 14:11)
    • "11" Tatted Doily"and
      "Tatted Gems to Glamorize Stationery Notes"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1976(Vol. 15:3)
    • "7 1/2" Bride's Nosegay Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: June 1976(Vol. 15:6)
    • "Tatted American Flag"
      ISSUE: July 1976(Vol. 15:7)
    • "9" Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Jan. 1977(Vol. 16:1)
    • "Tatted Star Doily"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1977(Vol. 16:3)
    • "12 1/2" Tatted Daisy Doily"
      ISSUE: Dec. 1977(Vol. 16:12)
    • "10 1/4" Forget-Me-Not Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Dec. 1978(Vol. 17:12)
    • "Tatted Necklace with Pearl Beads"
      ISSUE: May 1979(Vol. 18:5)
    • "Tatted Medallion Doily"
      ISSUE: Mar. 1980(Vol. 19:3)
    • "10 1/2" Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Oct. 1982(Vol. 21:10)
    • "7 1/4" Pink Flower Tatted Doily"
      ISSUE: Aug. 1983(Vol. 22:8)
    • ""
      ISSUE: (Vol. )
  • WORKBASKET(Please Note: most of Mrs. Hamilton's work for "Workbasket" was unattributed- this list is only the designs that were attributed)
    • "Sachet Pillow(Women Who Make Cents)"
      ISSUE: May 1962(Vol. 27:8)
    • "2 1/4" Round Medallions Cloth"
      ISSUE: Dec. 1968(Vol. 34:3)
    • "Stole in Hairpin Lace(crochet)"
      ISSUE: June 1972(Vol. 37:9)
    • "Blue-on-Blue Afghan(crochet)"
      ISSUE: Aug. 1972(Vol. 37:11)
    • "11.5" Roses to Keep Doily"
      ISSUE: May 1987(Vol. 52:7)
    • "Daisy Towel Edging"
      ISSUE: Sept. 1989(Vol. 54:10)
    • "Rose Doily"
      ISSUE: Feb/Mar. 1993(Vol. 58:3)