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  • Before You Begin
  • Materials- Pins, Wire and Thread, The Background, The Mounting Base, Preparing the Mounting
  • Techniques- Weaving, The Pyramid, Twisting, Arcs
  • Making Pin Pictures:
    • Abstract Designs
    • Four-Leaf Clover
    • Fish
    • Rosette
    • Double Rosette
    • Boat
    • Small Sailboat
    • Linear Structures
    • Butterfly
    • Cat
    • Snail

Title: Pin Pictures with Wire and Thread(Little Craft Book Series)
Author/Designer: Marie-Claude Riviere
Format/Publication Date: HC:1975
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY
Language: English
Page Count: 48
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8" x 8"
ISBN: 0806953403

SUMMARY- This book isn't just a project book - though it has plenty of that in it as well. It goes over stringing techniques for the beginner. The projects make use of negative space in clever ways. The projects are simple, but effective.

Aluminum and Copper Tooling
Animating Films Without a Camera
Applique and Reverse Applique
Balsa Wood Modelling
Bargello Stitchery
Beads Plus Macrame
Beauty Recipes from Natural Foods
Big-Knot Macrame
Cellophane Creations
Ceramics by Slab
Corn-Husk Crafts
Corrugated Carton Crafting
Costumes from Crepe Paper
Crafting with Nature's Materials
Creating from Remnants
Creating Silver Jewlery with Beads
Creating with Beads
Creating with Burlap
Creating with Flexible Foam
Creating with Sheet Plastic
Creative Lace-Making with Thead and Yarn
Cross Stitchery
Curling, Coiling and Quilling
Decoupage- Simple and Sophisticated
Embossing of Metal(Repoussage)
Enamel without Heat
Felt Crafting
Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding
Flower Pressing
Folding Table Napkins
Greeting Cards You Can Make
Hooked and Knotted Rugs
Horseshoe-Nail Crafting
How to Add Designer Touches to Your Wardrobe
Ideas for Collage
Junk Sculpture
Lacquer and Crackle
Make Your Own Elegant Jewelry
Making Paper Flowers
Making Picture Frames
Making Shell Flowers
Metal and Wire Sculpture
Model Boat Building
Monster Masks
Nail Sculpture
Needlepoint Simplified
Net-Making and Knotting
Off-Loom Weaving
Organic Jewelry You Can Make
Patchwork and Other Quilting
Pictures without a Camera
Pin Pictues with Wire & Thread
Potato Printing
Sculpturing with Wax
Sewing without a Pattern
Starting with stained Glass
String Designs
String Things You Can Create
Tissue Paper Creations
Tole Painting
Trapunto: Decorative Quilting
Whittling and Wood Carving