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  • Cool String Art- Lines in Space
  • A Perfect Fit- Regular Polygons and Circles
  • PROJECT 1- String Art Polygons
  • Writing- Letters and Lines
  • PROJECT 2- String Art Letter
  • Astronomy- The Oldest Science
  • PROJECT 3- String Art Constellation
  • Planets- The Great Eight
  • PROJECT 4- String Art Planets
  • Math Terms
  • Glossary
  • Web Sites
  • :

Title: Cool String Art: Creative Activities That Make Math & Science Fun For Kids!
Author/Designer: Anders Hanson, Elissa Mann
Format/Publication Date: HC:2014
Publisher: Abdo Publishing Co., Minneapolis, MN
Language: English
Page Count: 32
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8" x 8"
ISBN: 9781617838248

SUMMARY- This is the sort of book I would have loved to run across when I was a kid. I was a math nerd, what we proudly called "Mathletes" back then, sometime after the dinosaurs went extinct and before computers were common. This is definitely aimed at children, and probably doesn't have as much to offer those who are only kids at heart.

This Book was part of a series designed to make learning fun:
1. Cool Flexagon Art
2. Cool Optical Illusions
3. Cool Paper Folding
4. Cool String Art
5. Cool Structures
6. Cool Tessellations