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  • Introduction
    • Rose Window with Six Sections
    • Green Treat
    • Encircled Star
    • Seven Cubes
    • Metallic Ellipse
    • Swans
    • Olympic Games
    • Faithful Heart
    • Sleeping Butterfly
    • Large Geometric Figure
    • Clown
    • Thunderbolts
    • Interlocking Ovals
    • Airplane
    • Iron Mask
    • Pentagonal Star
    • Marine Anchor
    • Six Circles
    • Fisherman
    • Barbel Fish
    • Tropical Fruit
    • Olympiad
    • Mosquito
    • Rainbow
    • Fan
    • Bugs Bunny
    • Cone
    • Harp
    • Butterfly
    • Gothic Lattice Window
    • Cat's Head
    • Three-Masted Schooner
    • Constellation
    • Pussy Cat
    • Color Wheels
    • Owl
    • Rising Sun
    • Old-fashioned Boat
    • Pine Tree
    • Stained-glass Window
    • Etheopian Runner
    • Four Aces
    • Sheriff's Star
    • Racing Car
    • Solar Energy
    • Mill Wheel
    • Manta Ray
    • Clock
    • Mouse
    • Holly Branch
    • Red Sun
    • Five-masted Schooner
    • Stylized Warrior
    • Falling Star
    • Blue and Yellow Wheel
    • Butterfly in Flight
    • Guiding Star
    • Angel Fish
    • Golden Candelabrum
    • Fly
    • Circular Movement
    • Table Lamp
    • Clown
    • Spiral
    • Golden Cup
    • Tree in Winter
    • Snowflake
    • Stars
    • Windmill
    • Bouquet of Flowers
    • Crazy Grass
    • Ships at Sea
    • Crossed Swords
    • Tightrope Walker
    • Burlesque
    • Snow Crystal
    • Fifth Symphony
    • Country Bouquet
    • Gadget
    • Magic Horizon
    • Flight
    • Red and Brown Abstraction
    • Rose
    • Yellow Abstraction
    • 3-D Triangle
    • Magic Mirror
    • Sunset
    • South Sea Island
    • Game of Dice
    • Stylized Flower
    • Coat of Arms
    • Rooster(cockerel)
    • Ball Player
    • Summer Rose
    • Santa Claus(Father Christmas)
    • Bird of Paradise
    • Steam Locomotive
    • Squirrel
    • Oak Tree
    • Eiffel Tower

Title: The Beautiful String Art Book: 100 Projects You Can Create
Written and Edited: Raymond Gautard
Format/Publication Date: HC:1976
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY
Language: English
Page Count: 162
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 10"
ISBN: 0806953861

SUMMARY- There are 100 designs in this book. I had really high hopes that this one had more detailed instructions on stringing techniques, but no. Lois Kreischer still holds the lead on that. This was published right in the middle of the first wave of this art form. It's an expensive book to acquire - I tend to haunt the craft sections of used book stores, and am a bit of a magpie for intriguing books, so I lucked out with this one. The cheapest I've seen it as of this writing(Aug. 2021) is ~ $100, so not cheap. Patterns are gridded for expanding, but with scanners and copy machines, it should be very easy to expand the patterns to the size you want. My favorite is the rose on the cover, though the angel fish is lovely too. It has one sour note for me. There were four designers used in this book: D. Ligocki, J. Millerioux, D. Caronia, and R. Gautard. I'm guessing that R. Gautard is the writer, Raymond Gautard - but we do not know that for certain. The full names of the four designers were not given, and the designs were not attributed. That is a sore point for me. So if you know any of these artists, please get in touch with me and share so that the designers can get the credit they so richly deserve.

Anyone with more information about this publication can contact me(Leigh) through My Contact Page.