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          by Zhu Liqun
  • CHAPTER ONE: Chinese Style Paper Quilling and Chinese Auspicious Culture
  • CHAPTER TWO: Preparation of Paper Quilling
    • 1. Materials
    • 2. Tools
    • 3. Ten Basic Techniques
    • 4. Basic Elements
  • CHAPTER THREE: Quilling of Adorable Zodiac Animals
    • 1. Mouse(for Affluence)
    • 2. Ox(for Diligence
    • 3. Tiger(for Magnificence)
    • 4. Rabbit(for Smartness)
    • 5. Dragon(for Power)
    • 6. Snake(for Agility)
    • 7. Horse(for Speed)
    • 8. Goat(for Kindness)
    • 9. Monkey(for Well-Being)
    • 10. Rooster(for Virtue)
    • 11. Dog(for Prosperity)
    • 12. Pig(for Blessing)
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Quilling of Lucky Animals
    • 1. Duck(for Honor)
    • 2. Panda(for Treasure)
    • 3. Peacock(for Beauty)
    • 4. Heron(for Success)
    • 5. Cat and Butterfly(for Wellness)
    • 6. Tortoise(for Longevity)
    • 7. Goldfish(for Wealth and Knowledge)
    • 8. Bat and Deer(for Luck and Fortune)
    • 9. Phoenix(for Harmony)
    • 10. Elephant(for Peace)

Title: Paper Quilling Adorable Animals Chinese Style
Author/Designer: Zhu Liqun, Yao Xiaoyan
Format/Publication Date: HC:2020
Publisher: Better Link Press, NY
Language: English
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 9781602206090

SUMMARY- I loved the first two books these artists published with all my heart, so imagine my delight when they came up with a third! I hope fervently for a fourth - I don't think I can ever have enough of their work. The animals are amazing, but there's one thing that awes me most - especially in this latest addition - and that is their landscapes. They capture the beauty of a place so effortlessly(or so it seems), in the five landscape paintings(which they do not give instructions for) that I found myself staring at their rocks and streams more than the animals! This work is masterful - I do not use that word lightly. If you have nothing else on your shelves for inspiration, you should at the very least have Zhu and Yao's books.