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    • Quilling Materials and Tools
    • Quilling Hints and Techniques
    • Basic Quilling Shapes
    • Sailboat Shadow Box
    • Butterfly Mobile
    • Decorative Shadow Box
    • Peacock Shadow Box
    • Floral Cigarette Canister
    • Butterfly and Fern Glass Dome
    • Tinsel Art Materials and Tools
    • Basic Tinsel Art Instructions
    • Daisy Tinsel Pictures
    • Strawberry Bouquet Tinsel Picture
    • Raggedy Ann and Andy Tinsel Picture
    • Country Church Tinsel Picture
    • Springtime Serving Tray
    • Glass Top Trinket Box
    • Daisies and Violets Sconce
    • Hanging Fruits Sconce
    • Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments
    • Flower Bells Lamp Base
    • Shell Art Materials and Tools
    • Shell Art Hints and Techniques
    • Shell Flowers
    • Climbing Coral Lamp Base
    • Scallop Swag Lamp
    • Fancy Flowerpot
    • Shell-rimmed Planter
    • Oriental Shell Arrangement
    • Victorian Shell Wreath
    • Shell-bordered Mirror
    • Pod and Cone Art Materials and Tools
    • Pod and Cone Art Hints and Techniques
    • Pince Cone Flowers
    • Pine Cone Candle Holder
    • Springtime Basket Purse
    • Monogrammed Desk Box
    • Victorian Christmas Bell
    • Pod and Cone Wreath
    • Hummingbird Mobile
    • Pine Cone Wind Chimes
    • Pierced and Cut Paper Materials and Tools
    • Basic Pierced and Paper Instructions for Lampshades
    • Scrollwork Lampshades
    • Floral Lampshade
    • Nursery Lampshade
    • Paper Christmas Tree Lamp
    • Seaweed and Shells Lampshade
    • Stenciling Materials and Tools
    • Basic Stenciling Instructions
    • Bronze Stencil Clock Plaque
    • Bronze Stencil Wastepaper Basket
    • Playtime Stool
    • Stenciled Applique Shirt
    • Wildflower Snack Tray
    • Theorem Painting on Velvet Materials and Tools
    • Basic Theorem Painting on Velvet Instructions
    • Violet Bouquet Picture
    • Basket of Fruit on Velvet
    • Daisy Velvet Pillow
    • Strawberry Belt
    • Portrait in Brown
    • Enlarging Designs
    • Constructing Shadow Box Frames
    • Making Mobiles
    • Wiring Lamps
    • Cutting Glass
    • Making Bows
    • Fitting Hinges
    • Mitering Joints
    • Lining Boxes and Purses
  • Sources for Materials and Tools
  • Mail Order Suppliers
  • Bibliography

Title: Early American Crafts: Step-by-Step illustrated instructions for creating more than 45 original projects utilizing seven early American craft techniques(Creative Home Library)
Author/Designer: Roberta Raffaelli
Format/Publication Date: HC:1974
Publisher: Meredith Corporation, Des Moines, IA
Language: English
Page Count: 288
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 7 3/4"
ISBN: 0696199904

SUMMARY- I confess I've done all of these crafts at one time or another - most of them when I was a kid and was lucky to have a mother who'd been a second grade teacher and knew how fascinating arts and crafts could be to me and my siblings. We were so fortunate! It all brings back happy memories as I read through the chapters. The patterns hold up remarkably well for something about 50 years old, and each chapter is a nice primer in relatively obscure craft. Quilling may be the most wide-spread now, having official guilds and groups! They were very stingy with their color photographs, but there are plenty of black-and-white and illustrations throughout. I think you would be surprised by how much you can get out of these crafts - this book is a treasure, and not just for the gorgeous quilled peacock(shown on cover) and frothy quilled butterfly.