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Title: Paper Quilling for Beginners: Complete Step By Step Guide To Get You Started In Paper Quilling
Author/Designer: Catherine A. Benoit
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2020
Publisher: Self, ???
Language: English(translated to)
Page Count: 89
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8"x 5"
ISBN: 9798665247878

SUMMARY- This appears to be part of a new stream of self-published books that are targeting crafters looking to try something new. The most sophisticated thing about any of them is their covers. They are all awkwardly worded English, so I'm guessing they have been translated from another language. I found seven(7) of them created for tatters, and two for quillers so far. They all stress in their titles that they are for beginners. They all have an ISBN that start with "979" - which turns out to be the new legitimate prefix following "978" for ISBN13's. The two I've found for quillers at least have basic quilling information in them - the tatting books had what could only be described as enthusiastic essays by people who had no idea how to tat. Oh, and they all had about the same price point - $10.86 or some equally unusual price. I'm guessing that too is translated from a different currency. The names are all very English-sounding, so I'm betting they are pen names. I have no idea how to warn their targets not to buy them. If you have any ideas how to pursue this and get word out, I would be happy to hear from you. I don't think these books are illegal - just unethical and damaging to the craft they are purporting to promote.