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  • Introduction
  • Folding Hints
  • Fold Lines
  • Arrows and Other Symbols
  • Folding Techniques
  • Origami Bases
  • The Models:
    • Memory Box Necklace
    • Picture Frame Necklace
    • Snowflake Pendant
    • Puffy Beaded Necklace
    • Leaf Pendant
    • Mended Heart Pendant
    • Modular Bracelet
    • Chainlink Bracelet
    • Sweet Sixteen Bracelet(dollar bills)
    • Heart Ring
    • Butterfly Ring
    • Lantern Earrings
    • Teardrop Floral Earrings
    • Ear Hoops
    • Star of David Earrings
    • Kimono Pin
    • Lantern Pin
    • Pinwheel Brooch
    • Crane Pin
    • Envelope Pin
    • Purse Pin
    • Shirt Pin
    • Bookworm Pin
    • Poppy Hairpin
    • Fan Hairpin
    • Double-Heart Hairpin
    • Blossom Hairpin
    • Flowered Flip-flops
    • Charm Bracelet
  • Embellishment Techniques, Tools, and Supplies
  • Cutting a square from an irregularly shaped piece of paper
  • Cutting an equilateral triangle from a long rectangle or strip of paper
  • Picture Reference
  • Craft Resources
  • Origami Resources
  • Origami Paper Sources
  • About the Author

Title: Jewelgami: An Origami Assortment of Baubles, Bangles, and Beads at Your Fingertips
Author: Jeffrey Rutzky
Format/Publication Date: COMB:2006
Publisher: Barnes & Noble, NY
Language: English
Page Count: 128
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 6" x 10 1/2"
ISBN: 0760782423

SUMMARY- This is part of a series of books that both Jeffrey Rutzky and Gay Merrill Gross worked on(Zoogami, Bugagami, and Ornagami are some of the other titles). Each page has a 6"x6" piece of origami paper along a perforated line, so you can remove it and use it to make each of the project. The papers are very pretty and there's a nice variety. Some projects require cutting and/or gluing, so strict traditionalists might turn up their noses. I think you need to be an experienced folder for many of these, but you'll also recognize some old favorites(even I did!) downsized to be jewelry worthy.