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  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgments
  • Procedures:
    • Kite Base
    • Fish Base
    • Waterbomb Base
    • Bird Base
    • Common Folds
    • Laminated Paper
  • Construction Set:
    • Building Block
    • Sleeve
    • Roof
    • Drawbridge
    • Eight-sided Cone
    • Tower Top
    • Support Block
    • Connector
    • Rampart
    • Arched Block
  • The Fairy Tale Castle:
    • General Instructions
    • Tower Assembly
    • Wall Assembly
    • Drawbridge Assembly
    • Back Assembly
    • Side Assembly
    • Front Assembly
    • Turret Assembly
  • A Knight In Shining Armor:
    • Knight Base
    • Knight
    • Sword
    • Shield
    • Lance & Standard
    • The Knight's Hands
  • The Joust:
    • Horse
    • Jousting Bridle
    • Jousting Saddle
    • The Mounted Knight
    • Caparisons: Shaffron, Peytral, and Croppers
    • Articulating the Models
    • Knight's Attendants
    • Maiden Fair
    • Campaign Tent
    • Joust Barricade
    • The Joust
  • Merlin's Domain:
    • Merlin the Sorcerer
    • Vivian the Sorceress
    • Merlin's Dragon
    • Merlin's Tower
  • The Realm of Camelot:
    • Camelot
    • King Arthur Pendragon
    • Queen Guinevere
    • Court Jester
    • The Sword in the Stone
    • The Round Table
    • Chair
    • Throne
  • The Royal Hunt:
    • King's Falcon
    • White Hart
    • King's Hound
    • Longbow
    • Crossbow
    • Handcart
  • The Adventure Begins:
    • Creativity
    • The Enchanted Castle
    • Sir Lancelot
    • Gargantua and the Elves
    • Merlin's Magical Flying Horse
    • The Fairy King Oberon
  • Proportional Origami:
    • Proportional Paper
    • Changing 6" Paper
    • Changing 4", 2" and 1 1/2" Paper
    • Changing 3" and 1 1/2" Paper

Title: Origami in King Arthur's Court: An Adventure in Folding
Author: Lew Rozelle
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1997
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin, NY
Language: English
Page Count: 166
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0312156197

SUMMARY- I can't begin to express how amazed and impressed I am with this book but I'm going to try. First, it wasn't at all what I had expected. I came across it on ebay and ordered it on a whim - my mom named me after a very little known character from the Arthurian tales, a daughter of Arthur who became a knight in her own right, so I've always had a bit of fascination for the tales and what they represent. I figured I'd get a lot of artwork based on the stories with preprinted papers and some generic folds. Nope. What I got was a well thought out and wonderfully inventive system of characters, their accessories and the buildings they lived in what the author describes as proportional origami. You get to build your own playsets - which means you get to change things up however you like, and the people can be whatever color you wish them to be because you decide what papers you want to use. The models are creative and quite doable and there's so MUCH here. I am going to keep my eyes open for the rest of his books. This one really jazzed me!