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Title: Bibliography of Paper-Folding
Author: Gershon Legman(November 2, 1917 - February 23, 1999)
Format/Publication Date: PAMPHLET:1952
Publisher: Priory Press, Malvern, Worcs., UK
Language: English
Page Count: 8
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- So... I paid a stupid amount of money for this, and it was the only copy of it I could find. That was after I spent a stupid amount of time trying to find the "Journal of Occasional Bibliography" - for any year whatsoever. So far as I can determine, this journal does not exist, has never existed, and isn't likely to exist no matter how badly I wished it did. So I'm bummed and I'm pissed off - very pissed off. The copy I bought is in immaculate condition - so immaculate I would have laid money that it was hot off an enterprising book dealer's press if it weren't for the oxidized staples holding it together. Mr. Legman didn't just list books on the subject, he listed books with a chapter on paper folding, articles in magazines, Encyclopedias with an entry - everything that made any reference at all to paper folding - he even covered the dollar bill folding that ended up in "Jinx" magic magazine as an ad, and "Hugard's Magic Monthly." So it wasn't wasted money(and I'll keep telling myself that). Copyright in Britain is from the time the book was created until 70 years after the death of the author, so only 43 years to go before I can make a pdf of this and make it available for anyone else with a grain of intellectual curiosity. I haven't checked, because I just now thought of it, but it's possible that one of the big origami groups may have it in their lending library. Good luck.