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  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER ONE: Paper Sculpture
    • Butterfly Card
    • Piggy Invitation
    • Airplane
    • Yacht
    • Sailboat
    • Penguin
    • Mobile- Balloon, Goldfish
    • Jumping Frogs
    • Crane Mobile
    • Animal Faces
    • Life-like Sunflowers
  • CHAPTER TWO: Tearing, Butting, and Weaving
    • Eyeshade
    • Cards and Gift Tags
    • Outside Candle Lantern
    • Gift Box
    • Lampshade
  • CHAPTER THREE: Decoupage and Marbling
    • Pressed Flower Card
    • Decorated Hinged Box
    • Pressed Flower Bookmark
    • Letter Holder
    • Fish Wall Hanging- Marbled
    • Skate
    • Marbled Stationery Folder
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Papier Mache
    • Pen Tray
    • Clown Puppet
    • Vase
    • Cat Mask
    • Maracas
  • Templates

Title: ORIGAMI: 30 Awesome Projects for the Creative Kid
Author: Gillian Johnson-Flint
Format/Publication Date: HC:1996
Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc., Edison, NJ
Language: English
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 0785806202

SUMMARY- This is not all origami, as you can see from the Table of Contents, but a mix of paper disciplines with origami being the dominant one. The origami models are simple ones aimed at children. She has a second book titled "Make It With Paper: 30 Awesome Projects for the Creative Kid," which is the same number of pages, has "Krafts for Kids" in the top left corner of the cover, and came out the same year, so... quite likely the same book with a different cover for the British edition? This is a guess. I could not find a description of the contents.