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  • Introduction
  • Part One: Background Material
    • What is a Polyhedron
    • Illustrations and Facts about Polyhedra
            Platonic Solids
            Archimedean Solids
            Kepler-Poinsot Solids
            Miscellaneous Solids
    • Polyhedra: Connections with Different Fields
  • Part Two: Making Models
    • Using the Diagrams
    • Definition of Symbols
    • The Assembly Process
    • Creating Your Own Models
  • Part Three: Preliminary Constructions
    • Equilateral Triangles
            How to Make Equilateral Triangles
            How to Make 20 Equilateral Triangles from a Square or 28 Equilateral Triangles from an 8 1/2" x 11" Rectangle
            Equilateral Triangle Tessellation for Snub Cube Flat Pattern
            Equilateral Triangle Tessellation for Snub Dodecahedron Flat Pattern
    • Pentagons
            How to Fold a Pentagon from a Square
            Pentagon Template
            How to Use the Pentagon Template
    • Hexagons
            How to Make Hexagons
            How to Fold a Square or Rectangle into Three Equal Parts
  • Part Four: Diagrams of Models
    • Simple Construction to Try First
            Inflatable Irregular Octahedron
            Puzzle Cube
            Tetrahedron from Siamese-Twin Hexagons
            Two-Piece Octahedron Skeleton
            Truncated Tetrahedron from Hexagons
            Eight-Sided Module: Truncated Cube
    • Flat Unit System
            Square Module Flat Unit: Small Rhombicuboctahedron
            Hexagon Module from a Triangle
            Triangle Module from a Hexagon
    • One-Piece Module System
            One-Piece Triangle Module
            One-Piece Square Module
    • Simple Dodecahedron Systems
            Dodecahedron Flower Ball
            Modular Dimpled Dodecahedron Ball
    • Cuboctahedron Systems
            Spike Ball Module
            Spike Ball and Super Spike Ball
            Ornamental Ball Module
            Simple Square Module
            Three-Loop Cuboctahedron
    • Equilateral Triangle Module Systems
            Equilateral Triangle Strip System I
            Equilateral Triangle Strip System II
            10-Module Icosahedron from Equilateral Triangle Strip System I and II
            Miscellaneous Models
            Triangle Edge Module
    • Stellation Module Systems
            36-Degree Isosceles Triangle Module
            45-Degree Isosceles Stellation Module
    • Great Dodecahedron Systems
            Pentagon Module: Great Dodecahedron
            Simplified Pentagon Module: Great Dodecahedron
            12-Module Great Dodecahedron
    • Flat Patterns from Equilateral Triangle Tessellations
            Flat Patterns That Can Be Laid Out on an Equilateral Triangle Tessellation
            Truncated Hexadecahedron Flat Pattern
            Snub Cube and Snub Dodecahedron Flat Patterns
  • Supplementary Material
    • Finding Models in the Book: Index by Polyhedron
    • Books of Related Interest
    • Finding Other Folders
    • About the Authors

Title: 3-D Geometric Origami: Modular Polyhedra
Author: Bennett Arnstein, Rona Gurkewitz
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1995
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY
Language: English
Page Count: 73
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 12" x 9"
ISBN: 0486288633

SUMMARY- This book is a lot more accessible to a novice than some of the other books I've looked at, with enough else going on to be of interest to someone more advanced. There's a nice shout out to the pioneers in this field of origami in Rona's introduction.