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  • The Story of Robogami(Top Secret)
  • Basic Folding Techniques, Symbol Legend
  • Basic Starting Shapes for Robogami
  • Robots and Equipment:
    • Workrobo WR02
    • Orirobo OR201
    • Shred SH310
    • Orisoldier N534
    • Orisoldier K562
    • Orisoldier M497
    • Cosmo Radar Wing
    • Cosmo Power Guard
    • Cosmo Sword
    • Power Spear
    • Laser Arrow Sword
    • Space Scorpion

Title: Robogami: Fold Your Own Robots and Battle Your Friends
Author: Muneji Fuchimoto
Format/Publication Date: KIT:2014
Publisher: Quarry Books, Beverly, MA
Page Count: 64, 25 sheets of paper
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8" x 8"
ISBN: 9781631590528

SUMMARY- This looks like a LOT of fun! Of course I'm a nerd - have been all my life. I was certain growing up I was adopted except I looked so much like my mother. But my mother was a closet nerd(she'd rather have root canal surgery than admit she read science fiction to Anyone). A smart 10 year old would be able to follow the folds, I think. The robots look cool, and Mr. Fuchimoto provided "stats" for all the models. You get six different robots, 5 accessories, and a scorpion that looks like the love child of a scorpion and a chainsaw..