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  • Origami Terms
    • Double Crane
    • Crab
    • Camera
    • Butterfly
    • Frog
    • Penguin
    • Eagle
    • Shark
    • Scorpion
    • Koi Fish

Title: Dollar Origami: 10 Origami Projects including the amazing koi fish
Author: Won Park
Format/Publication Date: COMB:2016(reprint)
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press, San Diego, CA
Language: English
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 9781626868038

SUMMARY- Make sure and hold out for the entire kit instead of just this book - the 100 sheets of paper are well worth the price of admission, as are the box with the sample already folded displayed in an upper right window - I can only imagine what a production it must have been to assemble those kits. The box will sit nicely on a bookshelf without losing its contents. The kit came out in 2011(this is a reprint of the book with a slightly different cover). You can make sure you don't get the two confused by searching used book with the kit's ISBN(1607102811). Used book dealers don't always provided photos, or when they do, they're stock photos. With identical titles, it might otherwise be hard to discern. The practice currency is a little larger than a real dollar bill, but are proportionate - and a bit easier to fold. There are some great models in this book, and Mr. Park's instructions are excellent. Mr. Park definitely has a talent for this. I would recommend any of his books.

ps- The Kit cover has only the Koi showing, with the butterfly sample in the round window at the top right - in case you're confused.