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  • The Basics
  • PART ONE: Home Decor Projects
    • Napkin Cuffs(Catherine Abbot)
    • Classic Napkin Folds(Gay Merrill Gross)
    • Bird of Paradise
    • Pajarita
    • Ingenious Letter Fold(Robert Neale)
    • Star
    • Crane
    • Fancy Dish
    • Lotus Box(Michael LaFosse)
    • Picture Frame(Aldo Putignano)
    • Renaissance Shopping Bag(Fred Rohm)
    • Perching Birds(Ligia Montoya)
    • Tropical Flowers(Ligia Montoya)
    • Chalice(Samuel Randlett)
    • Heart Gift Box(Martha Mitchen)
    • Bowl(Aldo Putignano)
    • Three-D Greeting Cards(Jay Ansill)
    • Modular Folds(Robert Neale)
    • Star System
  • PART TWO: Mythical Creature Projects
    • Ouroboros(Robert Neale)
    • Paper Bat(Michael LaFosse)
    • Wizard and Witch(Robert Neale)
    • Winged Dragon(Robert Neale)
    • Gargoyle(Jerry Harris)
    • Daedalus(Gabriel Alvarez)
    • Pegasus(Gabriel Alvarez)
    • Flapping Dragon(Stephen Weiss)
    • Woodland Elf(Stephen Weiss)
    • Centaur(Neal Elias)
    • Rearing Dragon(Mark Kirschenbaum)
    • Shiva(Robert Lang)
    • Unicorn(Stephen Weiss)
    • Long-tailed Dragon(Matthew Green)
    • Cerberus(Robert Lang)
  • Credits
  • About the Author

Title: Origami Sourcebook: Beautiful Projects & Mythical Characters
Author: Jay Ansill
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2004
Publisher: Quarry Books, Gloucester, MA
Language: English
Page Count: 176
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/4" x 5 3/4"
ISBN: 1592530656

SUMMARY- This is a wonderful combination of practical folds and fantasy art - there's something here for everyone. Mr. Neale's letterfold is so fast and simple(only 5 folds). He was able to get a great many expert designers to contribute to this collection. Especially if you love fantasy art, you'll want this one on your shelf.