I'm still working on setting up this page. There will be some free stuff - PDFs of antique books that I have that no one has done a good PDF of. I like books to be pretty and show their best faces to the world, so I spend a good bit of time restoring scanned pages to as close to their original condition as I can before compiling a PDF. I'm slow, but I do get there in the end, and I believe it is worth the wait. Your mileage, of course, may vary. Books that I've spent a lot of time on restoring or cost me limbs to acquire may not have a PDF version available for a while, but a hardcopy reproduction instead. Anyone who prefers hardcopies like I do may of course order a comb-bound version with laminated covers. All proceeds from sales from this page will go towards the upkeep of the website and the archive of books and magazines. Archiving materials are costly, and it does no good to collect the books and magazines if I'm not going to take care of them properly. If you use this website and find it useful, please consider supporting it either with donations of craft books and magazines, buying books of interest to you from this page, and spreading the word about the Bibliography Project. Thank you all for your support. I certainly could not have gotten so far without help!

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