Links are good as of October 2019. I try to go through and check links about once a year and update. If you find a broken link anywhere on my site, please contact me and let me know! I hate going to sites where half the links are broken, and try not to do this to others. I can use all the help I can get! If you know of a great supply vending site I haven't listed, please recommend them and send me a link. I've split up this page in categorized sections that you can scroll. The links should open a new window automagically for you, so you can browse and come back to the list where you left off:

(If you are a new retailer for tatting supplies, or I missed you somehow, feel free to contact me to get your contact information added to this list. I'll probably buy something!)


Handy Hands Tatting
(I've used Barbara Foster's service several times, always with great results - she's very helpful and responsive to questions), and she puts out the cool "Helping Hands Newsletter."
           578 N. 1800 E.
           Paxton, IL 60957
           Phone: (217)379-3802
           Hrs: 9-5 M-F Central Time

LACIS(pronounced lawCEES)
(They have one of the best catalogs of available books)."
3163 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA 94703
Phone: (510)843-7178
Hrs: 9:30-5:30 M-F West Coast Time

Threads Galore
(Barbara and Robert Murdock have bought this supply business from Lyn Morton, making it a legacy business. Lyn Morton made the metallic threads available she used in her amazing jewelry book.)
96 Greenhill Rd., Halesowen,
West Midlands, B62 8EY
Phone: 0121 4228765
Hrs: Unknown

Graceful Arts Fiber Studio
I was having difficulty with a pattern(split chains) in one of Karey(Solomon's) books and was able to track her down to her store's website. She was very helpful explaining what I needed to know to finish the piece I was working on. Ms. Solomon also puts out the very cool quarterly "Tatting Times" newsletter.
4760 SR 414
Burdett, NY 14841
Hrs: Th/Fr/Sun- noon-5:30; Sat- 10-5:30

Tatting Corner
They had a few books I hadn't seen elsewhere. I got my order promptly. I liked the service I got and will happily recommend them to others. Lisa Adams, the owner, is lovely to work with and happy to help solve problems.
4 E. Main Street
Anderson, IN 46017
Phone: 765-387-0347 / 844-319-6686
Hrs: 10 - 3 Sunday; 9 - 4 Monday; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 - 6; Thursday and Saturday 9 - 8

I've always loved Carol Winandy's tatting kits. I collect them whenever I can find them - and still have a handful that I'm missing. She still has several available along with that very. I highly recommend them! The Tatsy shuttle is also a necessary part of my tool kit. When I'm doing a large project and don't want a lot of thread ends to work in, my Tatsy shuttles are what I use. I highly recommend having at least two in your kit...
1295 S. River Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Phone: Not published
Hrs: Not published

Snowgoose Lace
They carry tatting books, practical as well as art shuttles, and bobbin lace supplies(so if you're looking for finer threads...). This is another legacy shop, once owned and operated by Betty Alderson. It was bought and now run by Sherry Cure and her husband. I am always happy that someone was willing to step up and commit to keeping a well-loved shop like this in business.
P.O. Box 745224
Arvada, Colorado, 80006
email: info@SnowgooseLace.com
Phone: (303) 954-9841
Hrs: Not published

Needlecraft Cottage In the Smokies
I was hunting down Samantha Melnychuk's books and found this on-line store. Needlecraft Cottage appears to be the only retail outlet as of this writing that carries Samantha's books. I've had several e-mail exchanges with the proprietor, Connie, who has been responsive to order requests.
3279 Lyon Springs Rd.
Sevierville, TN 37862
Phone: (865)428-7044
Hrs: Mon-Sat 09:30am-5pm

DS9 Designs
I was able to get a lot of otherwise out-of-print books from Debbie, and service was prompt and perfect. She also carries threads that no one else has - well worth your time to go and look to see what she has.
15605 Terra Ridge Cr.
Co. Springs, CO 80908-6120
Phone: Not published
Hrs: Not published

Iva Rose Reproductions
This company does a great job with public domain fiber arts books. They restore the pages, print on good quality paper and are very reasonably priced considering all the work that must go into restoring them. I can't recommend them enough.
Address: ???
Phone: Not published
Hrs: Not published

Velona Needlecraft
I was able to get several otherwise out-of-print books, and service was prompt and perfectly packaged. My only quibble was a lack of a confirmation note to acknowledge my order had been received. My order arrived so quickly I didn't have time to get too nervous, though - and I'm on the opposite coast of the big United States from their shop in California.
22435 La Palma Ave. #A
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Phone: (714)692-2286
Hrs: Not published


Internet Archive
There are many things to recommend this resource. Becky Clark is the one who brought this one to my attention, and listed all the many reasons why it's a good idea to check here first:
1) I feel like the Internet Archive will be around a very long time, especially since they partner with libraries
2) Items uploaded to Internet Archive are automatically run through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so text can be copied from the pdf into a word processing program and edited if desired.
3) The files are automatically converted to a number of different formats so they can be read in browsers or on different types of e-readers.
4) The search mechanism is actually very good at finding tatting items and much easier to use than the one at Antique Pattern Library.
5) I don't have to involve anyone else in my obsession. I scan at 600 dpi as suggested, put together a pdf, and upload it, providing the associated information.
6) I have a lot of control in that I can fix mistakes and change the information to make it clearer or add search tags I hadn't thought of when first uploading.

Antique Pattern Library
(ongoing collection of scans of Out-of-Copyright tatting and other needlework patterns - free downloads of PDF files!) I love this service, but it's only organized by topic, and the pdfs have widely varying quality. They cover a lot of different needle art disciplines, though, and are actively adding new things every month. Please support them if you are able.

Ralph Griswold's Digital Archive of Documents on Hand Weaving, Lace, and Related Topics
There's a bunch of really neat stuff in this archive. Again, not particularly well organized, but still fun to root through if you love old books.
There's a mirror site at http://handweaving.net/

Archive of Book Bibliographies, and electronic copies of books and magazines in the Public Domain
NOTE: I've had really good luck with this particular site and strongly recommend it.

Archive of Book Bibliographies, and electronic copies of over 250,000 books in the Public Domain

Jane Eborall's magnificent collection of free patterns
Jane is someone I wish would publish books. I've got huge binders full of her patterns against the day her website is no longer being supported.

Muskaan's Blogspot
Muskaan offers a ton of patterns and lots of really good tutorials. If you haven't bookmarked her, do it now. You'll be really happy you did.

Anne Bruvold's small selection of free patterns
I love Anne's patterns. She isn't as prolific as Jane Eborall or Nancy Tracy, but she has dragons! and a Tardis!!!

Albuquerque Museum permanent collection
They've digitized a some copyright free periodicals for sewing, crochet, knitting, tatting, etc.

I have had excellent luck getting craft books on this site, though not tatting books. The ones I've put up got scarfed immediately. It's a great service, and easy to use. We've saved a ton of money and sent hundreds of books to new homes. I am a voracious reader, as is my husband, and being able to get out-of-print stuff to feed our habit also means we have a grocery budget still(laughing) I highly recommend this free service(no cost to join - just the cost of mailing books you've got in order to use the credit to request books you don't!)

Georgia Seitz' Archive of Tatting Books in the Public Domain
(ongoing collection of scans of Out-of-Copyright tatting and other needlework patterns - free downloads!)
And the same list of free downloads can be reached at: http://www.bellaonline.com/site/tatting/

If you've never checked out Teri Dusenbury's work, you've really missed out. For one thing, she did a really stunning job of translating pineapple crochet into tatting...



Free Vintage Crochet

Jessica Tromp's collection


Karen Cabrera's extensive YouTube Tutorial Videos!
Karen Cabrera's main website
Karen's tutorials are in English and Italian. She is also fluent in Spanish. Her tutorials are clear and very helpful if you're stuck - and there are now over 100 of them. If you need help and don't have a local guild to go to, this is a reliable resource. I highly recommend her.

Jane Eborall's magnificent collection of free patterns
Jane has a nice collection of tutorial pdfs you may find useful as well.

Muskaan's Blogspot
Muskaan offers a ton of patterns and lots of really good tutorials. If you haven't bookmarked her, do it now. You'll be really happy you did.

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