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This is the original 1974 cover

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This is the 2017 reprint


  • Author's Note
  • Introduction
  • Dora Young(in 2017 edition only -Leigh)-
          Family history and the memories of her grandsons
          Dora's Treasures
          Dora's Shuttles
  • General Instructions
  • How-to-do-it Section
  • Abbreviations
  • No. 1 -- Heart Shaped Doily
  • No. 2 -- Twinstar
  • No. 3 -- Six-Pointed Star
  • No. 4 -- Hemstitched Medallion
  • No. 5 -- Round Pinwheel Doily
  • No. 6 -- Square Pinwheel Doily
  • No. 7 -- Six Point Filet Star
  • No. 8 -- Pinwheel Motifs
  • No. 9 -- Pineapple Doily
  • No. 10 -- Flower Motifs Joined
  • No. 11 -- Knot Stitched Centerpiece
  • No. 12 -- Potholder No. 1
  • No. 13 -- Potholder No. 2
  • No. 14 -- Potholder No. 3
  • No. 15 -- Potholder No. 4
  • No. 16 -- Victory Doily
  • No. 17 -- Handkerchief No. 1
  • No. 18 -- Handkerchief Edging
  • No. 19 -- Handkerchief Edging
  • No. 20 -- Handkerchief Edging
  • No. 21 -- Knot Stitch Edging
  • Notes

Title: All New Knotless Tatting Designs
Author/Designer: Dora Young
Format/Publication Date: Sprlbnd:1974; TPB:2017(Heidi Nakayama)
Publisher: Courier-Gazette, Inc., Rockland, Maine
Page Count: 32(1974); 48(2017)
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Dora Young is the creator of the Knotless Method Chain - what we now commonly call the Split Chain. She patented the method in 1975(#4,008,643). The first instructions for doing this technique were a tip-in sheet I found included in the 1974 edition(If you have one of the early copies that did not have this tip-in sheet, contact me). So, not only do you get the root of an important advanced tatting technique, you get a lot of really fantastic patterns employing her innovative techniques that are beautiful - and could easily be mistaken for crochet or knitting. This book is difficult to find, unfortunately. There are a couple of libraries in Maine that have a copy, as well as the IOLI Lending library, where I was able to borrow a copy to see and review it. I've since acquired my own copy. This is one of those "must haves" if you are interested in seeing where the boundaries of this discipline can be pushed. I am in awe of Ms. Young's talent as an innovator and designer. If you see a copy of this available, grab it quick. I think it is a key book in any tatting library.

June 2017: Heidi Nakayama has made Dora Young's "All New Knotless Tatting Designs" available again, and for a very reasonable price. She has also included a lovely biography about Dora Young as well as a visual catalog of her shuttle collection and tatting - fourteen pages! I'm wildly excited about this, and am very happy with this reprint. She includes the tip-in sheet that was included with the original edition - this time bound in with the book. You get all of this for a very reasonable price.

You can order it for a limited time directly from Heidi at: