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  • Introduction and Brief History
  • Tools and Thread
  • Abbreviations and Terms
  • General Instructions and Helpful Hints
  • How to Tat Sequence:
    • Winding the TATSY shuttle
    • Holding Shuttle and Finger Position
    • Double Stitch, First and Second Half
    • To Make Ring Thread Larger/Smaller
    • To Close Ring
    • Correcting Erros In Work
    • Adding New Thread
    • To Finish Off Lace Ends
    • Rings (R) Picots(-) Joining (+)
    • Starting to Read Patterns
    • Space Between Rings
    • Josephine Knot
    • Reverse Work
    • To Make Chains
  • Original Designed Lace Patterns
  • General Instructions for Lace Patterns
  • General Lace Instructions
  • Abbreviations and Terms for Patterns
  • Jewelry:
    • Daisy Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace
    • Drop Earrings
    • Flower Earrings
    • Butterfly Earrings
  • Special Occasion and Holiday Ornament Motifs:
    • Snowflakes No. 1, No. 2, No. 3
    • Wreath
    • Christmas Tree
    • Snowman
    • Snowball and Star
    • Angel and Bell
    • Fan With Ribbon Rose
    • Cat and Lace Insertion
    • Basket and Hat
  • Collars and Cuffs
  • Edges and Insertions
  • Attaching Tatting to Fabric
  • Actual Size Felt Patterns
  • How to Attach Sequins and Beads
  • Sewing Stitches Used in Finishing
  • To Press Lace
  • To Launder and Block
  • To STiffen Lace Ornaments
  • Glossary of Terms Used in Tatting

Title: TATTING: Easy step by step illustrated instructions
Author/Designer: Carol M. Winandy
Format/Publication Date: Sprlbnd:1989
Publisher: Tatsy, Des Plaines, IL
Page Count: 82
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This booklet has a great photo sequence for creating the basic stitch using an oversize shuttle and cord so that it is easy to see what she's doing. I wish I'd had this book when I was teaching myself how to tat! There are a lot of nifty patterns packed in its pages as well. Patterns are fairly simple, but aren't broken down by step(you get block paragraphs for the patterns). This is a super beginner book.