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  • 1. Floral Scallop Edging
  • 2. Forget-Me-Not Edging
  • 3. Butterfly Lace Edging
  • 4. Loops and Scallop Edging
  • 5. Narrow Edging

Title: Classic Patterns: Tatted Lace Edgings
Author/Designer: The Staff of the WORKBASKET Magazine
Format/Publication Date: PKG:1994ish?
Publisher: KC Publishing, Inc., Kansas City, MO
Page Count: 1- 21" x 34" sheet
Package Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 1/2" x 5 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There are five(5) edgings. They come on a sheet that folds out to a whopping 21"x34" sheet. I can't imagine a more inconvenient way to package tatting patterns. It comes shrink-wrapped, of course, so you don't know this till you've already bought it. Instructions are in the written notation WORKBASKET always used. There is a large black-and-white photo with the project instructions. Print size is large for easier reading, ridiculously so. None of the patterns are attributed to their designer - a problem WORKBASKET had for most of its life.