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  • 1. Rose Centered Cross, tatted(M. Rhoda Brehe)
  • 2. Cloverleaf Cross, tatted(Mary H. McCarthy)
  • 3. Shell Cross, crochet(Mary Ann Sipes)
  • 4. Mile-A-Minute Cross, crochet(Pauline Calhoun)
  • 5. Little Gray Mouse, crochet
  • 6. Worsted Shell, crochet
  • 7. Eyelet Lace, crochet(Mary Ann Sipes)
  • 8. Jacob's Ladder, crochet
  • 9. Flowers and Vines, Embroidery
  • 10. Monogrammed Bookmark, Embroidery

Title: Classic Patterns: Bunches of Bookmarks
Author/Designer: The Staff of the WORKBASKET Magazine
Format/Publication Date: PKG:1994ish?
Publisher: KC Publishing, Inc., Kansas City, MO
Page Count: 1- 21" x 34" sheet
Package Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 1/2" x 5 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There are ten(10) patterns, of which only two(2) are tatting. They come on a sheet that folds out to a whopping 21" x 34" sheet. I can't imagine a more inconvenient way to package tatting and crochet patterns. It comes shrink-wrapped, of course, so you don't know this till you've already bought it. Instructions are in the written notation WORKBASKET always used. There is a large black-and-white photo with the project instructions. Print size is fine, and the patterns are broken down enough you shouldn't have problems losing your place in them. The patterns are useful and pretty, despite the awkward format. I've put the designer's name(when given) in parentheses after the pattern name in the Table of Contents.