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  • LESSON FOUR: Putting It All Together
    • Introduction
    • Rings and Chains Together
    • Medallion Featuring Chains(rosette)
    • Basic Ring and Chain Edgings:-
            Basic Ring with Chain Transitions
            Ivy Rings and Chains
            Side-lying Rings and Chains with Variations
            Simple Ring of Flowers
            Floral Bouquet
            Pointed Trellis with Flowers
            Elaborate Trellis and Ring Edging
    • Ring and Chain Medallions:-
            Simple Circle and Variations
            Extended Motif
            Small Snowflake Medallion
            Variation of Thread Space Medallion
            Triangular Pattern in Rings and Trellises
    • Patterns with Base-Joined Rings and Chains:-
            Double Rings with Chains
            Trefoils with Chains
            Side-lying Trefoils with Chains
            Trefoils and Pairs with Chains
            Simple Medallion of Base Joined Trefoils and Chains
            Medallion of Base Joined Trefoils and Center Joined Chains
            Quatrefoils and Other Multiples
            Edging of Trefoils and 6-Ring Daisies
    • Two-Shuttle Tatting

Title: Tatting for the Beginner- Introduction and Lesson Four: Putting It All Together
Author/Designer: Atheen Marie Wilson
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2016
Publisher: Self, San Bernardino, CA
Page Count: 51
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 9781542455077

SUMMARY- All photos in the book are in color. The entire book is geared to teach the basics to a beginner. She goes into good detail and breaks things down well - I think I could have learned to tat from this book much easier than the books I actually learned from. Her photos are still not as clear and sharp as I'd like, but you can pick out enough detail with some squinting and study and the addition of color helps. This is not a complete lesson plan like her first book, but an excerpted section updated and color added. I like this book and think it would be useful to someone trying to learn tatting for the first time. I finally came across the rest of the series of five lesson books - and it was really costly at about $30 a book. This is probably too high a price point for most beginner tatters.