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  • Equipment and Materials
  • LESSON ONE: The Double Stitch and Chains
    • About the Double Stitch
    • Winding Your Shuttle
    • General Notes on Making the Stitches
    • Learning the Double Stitch
    • Introducing the Chain

Title: Tatting for the Beginner- Introduction and Lesson One: The Double Stitch and Chains
Author/Designer: Atheen Marie Wilson
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2016
Publisher: Self, San Bernardino, CA
Page Count: 30
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 9781533018007

SUMMARY- All photos in the book are in color. The entire book is geared to teach the basic stitch of tatting a chain. She goes into good detail - I think I could have learned to tat from this book much easier than the books I actually learned from. Her photos are still not as clear and sharp as I'd like, but you can pick out enough detail with some squinting and study and the addition of color helps. She employs two different colored threads so that the student can easily identify whether they've made the stitch correctly or not. Ms. Wilson and I are sympatico in regards to all the advice she gives except I believe the ring should be taught first, since whether the stitches will slip along your core thread is an easy test for whether your knots are stitches - or just knots. This is not a complete lesson plan like her first book, but an excerpted section to get the student started with the expectation of a "Lesson Two" book. I gave only the highlights of the Table of Contents, but I believe you can get an idea of the step-by-step lessons she gives. I like this book and think it would be useful to someone trying to learn tatting for the first time - so long as this isn't the only lesson book put out in the planned series.