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    • Lesson 1: Hands and how to use them to tat
    • Lesson 2: Chains
    • Lesson 3: Picots
    • Lesson 4: Joining chains for elaboration
    • Lesson 5: Chain as motif- the "reverse work" instruction
    • Lesson 6: Adding beads to your tatting
    • Lesson 7: Rings- breaking away from the "signals"
    • Lesson 8: Joining Rings
    • Lesson 9: Avoiding the thread spaces
    • Lesson 10: Alternate treatment of thread spaces- interweaving threads
    • Lesson 11: Joining rings into a circle- the double twist
    • Lesson 12: Adding beads to rings
    • Lesson 13: Joining individual motives- longer and larger projects
    • Lesson 14: Putting it all together
    • Lesson 15: Reading other styles of pattern instructions
    • Lesson 16: Starching your creations and other ideas
    • Suggested uses for tatted edgings and motifs
    • Decision list: the creative bit
    • Tatting books
    • Form for samples and notes
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author

Title: Beginning Tatting: A Lesson Book, Arts and Crafts Collection
Author/Designer: Atheen Wilson
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2010
Publisher: O Pine Press, Minneapolis, MN
Page Count: 184
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 8"
ISBN: 9781452859323

SUMMARY- All photos in the book are black-and-white. The entire book is geared to teach the basics of tatting, with small motifs and projects given to help the beginner practice skills as they build. She goes into good detail - I think I could have learned to tat from this book much easier than the books I actually learned from. Her photos are not as clear and sharp as I'd like, but you can pick out enough detail with some squinting and study. I gave only the highlights of the Table of Contents, but I believe you can get an idea of the step-by-step lessons she gives. I like this book and think it would be useful to someone trying to learn tatting for the first time.