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  • Breitwegerich()
  • Skabiose()
  • Margerite()
  • Hufeisenklee(Horseshoe)
  • Guensel()
  • Wiesensalbei()
  • Wiesenklee(Meadow Seed)
  • Knaeuelgras()
  • Goldhahnenfuss(Gold Crop)
  • Glockenblume(Bellflower)
  • Hopfenklee(Hop Clover)
  • Gaensebluemchen()
  • Wiesenflockenblume(Meadow Flock)
  • Hirschwurz(Queen Anne's Lace)

Title: Blumenwiese- Wild Flowers(Flower Meadow- Wild Flowers)
Author/Designer: Christel Weidmann
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1995,2017
Publisher: Self, Trullikon, Switzerland(1995);
                 Handy Hands, Inc., Praxton, IL(2017)
Language: German
Page Count: 25
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Originally self published, this book has finally made it over the big pond to the USA, thanks to Handy Hands, Inc. This is another themed collection of appliques - this time based on meadow wild flowers. I LOVE her creative appliques. I don't have to guess what they're supposed to be - she does a superb job of capturing the likeness of her subject, and I love that she does the whole plant, not just the flower. This is a fun themed collection, and I am really happy to add it to my personal library.

There is one drawback. The instructions are written in German, and have not been translated into English, nor does she give diagrams other than to number the order of the rings. The sample given with the instructions are in black-and-white, but her samples also are shown in full color on the front and back covers. You do get a list of the English translations for her terms at the beginning of the book, so with a little work, an English speaker should be able to interpret the instructions. It will be more work for anyone else in the world. Given that, I still believe it is well worth the effort. Ms Weidmann is a brilliant designer, and only gets better and better. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will continue to let all of her books get republished here.