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    • Mignardise Edgings 1-3
    • Braid Insertion
    • Cluny Lace
    • Cluny Insertion in Netting
    • Tape Work Insertion
    • Saxon Insertion
    • Russian Stitch Design
    • Border Pattern, Crochet or Netting
    • Sofa Pillow Couvrette
    • Drawn-Linen or Spanish Stitch 1,2
    • Needle Etching
    • Grecian Braid in Knitting
    • Cuff or Collar
    • Rose Pattern
    • Rose and Shamrock
    • Chair or Sofa Tidy
    • Two Trefoil Trimmings
    • Collar, Linen and Tatting
    • Petticoat Insertion
    • Oval Pattern Edge
    • Sofa Tidy in Tatting and Tape-work
    • Maltese Edge
    • Square for a Cap
    • Arabesque Edge
    • Star Pattern Collar
    • Toilet Mat
    • Turkish Edging
    • Trellis Insertion
    • Scallop Lace
    • Cluny Insertion

Title: Twenty-Eight Needlework Designs
Author/Designer: Mrs. Warren
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1868
Publisher: W.H. Collingridge, London, UK
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 5 1/4" x 7 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I am very excited to add this little booklet to the bibliography. It's my first from the time period that Mdlle. Riego was publishing her famous tatting books! Two thirds of this book was dedicated to tatting. Mrs. Warren incorporated chains and joins into her work, so she was quite up-to-date in her skills. Picots were referred to as Pearls. Her instructions were very well broken down and surprisingly easy to read - I made up a couple of the edgings just to see if I could do it only following her instructions. Designs are what we think of now as traditional, and there is some sophistication to Mrs. Warren's. I hadn't expected nearly as much as what I got from this small booklet. When my skills improve with Photoshop, I may try to digitally clean up a copy of this one and do a small reproduction run just to keep it in circulation in the tatting community. I have no idea how many of the original booklet survived, since I bought it from England and have no idea what the market is like there.