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  • Editoriale
  • Passo Passo
  • Scuola di chiacchierino
  • Legenda
  • Dharma(orecchini)
  • Hyacinthe(bracciale)
  • Calliope(orecchini)
  • Goccia nel mare(manicotto)
  • Christian(orecchini)
  • Zoe(bordino)
  • Verena(orecchini)
  • Minerva(bordino)
  • Bastienne(orecchini)
  • Elizabeth(cavigliera)
  • Jonathan(orecchini)
  • Vincent(bracciale)
  • Sophie(orecchini)
  • Jared(bordino)
  • Jade(orecchini)
  • Miriam(collana)
  • Rebecca(orecchini)
  • Webush(collana)
  • Charlotte(orecchini)
  • Karen(ciondolo)
  • Bruna(orecchini)
  • Costance(ciondolo)
  • Zaphire(orecchini)
  • Etienne(ciondolo)
  • Dorothee(orecchini)
  • Grace(bracciale orologio)
  • Morgane(orecchini)
  • Marina(orecchini)

Title: Gioielli in Chiacchierino(Jewels in Tatting)
Author/Designer: Monica Virdò
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2016?
Publisher: Questo Nostro Mondo Editirice, Roma, Italy
Language: Italian
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I'm not sure when this book got published - 2016 is only a rough guess on my part. The basic lesson is in shuttle tatting, and using a crochet hook to add beads between picots. Ms. Virdò likes using larger crystal beads as focals to accent the tatting, rather than make the tatting "behind the scenes" for the beadwork with a couple of exceptions. Her diagrams aren't always as easy to follow, and instructions are in Italian written notation so it will be some work for anyone not able to read Italian. There are many attractive designs here, but this book is not for novices despite the basic lessons at the beginning. I particularly love her bracelet watch design and the necklace she named "Miriam."