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    • Werkzeug und Faden
    • Haltung der Hände
    • Doppelknoten
    • Ringe und Bogen
    • Ösen
    • Sonderformen
    • Zweifarbig knüpfen
    • Neuen Faden anfügen
    • Spitze ansetzen
    • Abkürzungen
    • Nach Schema arbeiten
    • Sieben Spitzen
    • Decke aus Stoffkreisen
    • Deckchen mit Josefinenknoten
    • Quadratisches Deckchen
    • Deckchen und Glasuntersetzer
    • Mitteldecke
    • Rundes Deckchen
    • Ovales Deckchen
    • Zwei runde Decken mit Schmetterlingen
    • Zwei runde Deckchen mit Occhi-Karrees
    • Dreifarbiges Tischband
    • Dreifarbiges Deckchen
    • Stola
    • Spitzenbluse
    • Spitzentop
    • Drei Fensterbilder
    • Drei Sterne
    • Bunter Blütenkranz
    • Fensterstern
    • Christbaumschmuck

Title: Occhi Schiffchenspitze
Author/Designer: Augustus Verlag
Format/Publication Date: HC:1998
Publisher: Burda Praxis, Germany
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 3804305660

SUMMARY- There's great color photography throughout. Instructions are all in German, but there are diagrams as well - and diagrams need no translation. You get instructions for some advanced techniques, like block tatting and split ring, floating chains and putting a bead in the center of a ring. You get a nice variety of edgings, some common traditional, and a few others that are not. The book moves from edgings to doilies and centerpieces - and again you get simple and traditional at first then slowly work your way up to some really lovely and sophisticated pieces. The wrap, blouse, and top are worth the price of admission by themselves. The last chapter covers Christmas decorations and suncatchers. The designer uses a technique of putting a small ring or Josephine ring inside a much larger flipped ring that gives a very different look that I like a great deal. I highly recommend finding a copy of this book, despite the language barrier.