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  • Introduction
  • How to Tat
  • How to Make Hairpin Lace
  • General Information
  • Graphs for Curtains and Valance
  • Austrian Pouf Tatted Hairpin Lace Curtains
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Circular Rug
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Oval Rug
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Bedspread
  • Graph for Bedspread
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Throw Pillow
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Crystal Chandelier
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Boudoir Chair
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Dressing Table
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Dressing Stool
  • Tatted Hairpin Lace Night Stand

Title: Tatting(Hairpin Lace) Designs for Miniatures
Author/Designer: Elaine Plouff Stillwell
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1983
Publisher: Coffee Break Press, Burley, WA
Language: English
Page Count: 29
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
ISBN: 0933992262

SUMMARY- I came across this book in an estate collection I bought. She states in her introduction that she loves going to hobby shows to look at all the marvelously detailed miniatures, but has always been dissatisfied with the textiles used. So she designed her own, and they are exquisite. I happen to agree with her that most of the fibers used that I've seen in miniatures do not scale well. Tatting provides a unique opportunity to get it right, and I believe Ms. Stillwell nailed it. Because tatters use such fine threads, she is able to work up pieces that look beautiful and fit the scale of the furnished dollhouses they are meant for. I enthusiastically recommend this book if you can find it. The copy I have came from an estate sale lot and has a Beggar's Lace sticker on it. Beggar's Lace routinely put a sticker on all the books they sold - a happy habit that allows historians to track distribution of books. Instructions are old school, with written notation and left in blocks. However, she used a good sized font and broke the patterns down into steps that are easy enough to follow. You get beginner lessons in tatting, and in hairpin crochet. I'm very happy and excited to have added this book to my collection.