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  • How to Read the Schemas
  • Jan's Method
    • Doily I
    • Collar I
    • Window Decoration I
    • Doily II
    • Clasps
    • Waistcoat
    • Doily III
    • Flower Pot I
    • Doily IV
    • Necklace I
    • Doily V
    • Necklace II
    • Doily VI
    • Cap I
    • Doily VII
    • Window Decoration II
    • Doily VIII
    • Tie
    • Doily IX
    • Egg I
    • Flower I
    • Flower II
    • Doily X
    • Necklace III
    • Doily XI
    • Necklace IV
    • Doily XII
    • Heart
    • Cross
    • Table Runner
    • Necklace V
    • Medallion I
    • Medallion II
    • Egg II
    • Doily XIII
    • Collar II
    • Doily XIV
    • Collar III
    • Flower III
    • Flower IV
    • Doily XV
    • Necklace VI
    • Doily XVI
    • Necklace VI
    • Doily XVII
    • Hat
    • Doily XVIII
    • Egg III
    • Table Set
    • Flower Pot II
    • Doily XIX
    • Collar IV

Title: Tatted Treasures(Frywolitkowe Skarby)
Author/Designer: Jan Stawasz
Format/Publication Date: HC:2012
Publisher: Gecom, Warsaw, Poland
Page Count: 103
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 1/4" x 6 1/2"
ISBN: 9788392441212

SUMMARY- When I look at Mr. Stawasz' designs I want to use adjectives like "extraordinary" "Exquisite" and "Visually Powerful" because they are all of those. His use of space to accentuate the lace is masterful - I'm not kidding. I clearly need to order his other book immediately. They are written in English and Polish side by side. Instructions for the patterns are not written, just diagrammed. But it all appears to be simple rings and chains - just used brilliantly to create fantastic pieces. He reminds me a great deal of Anne Orr only more sophisticated in his use of open spaces. I highly recommend this book if you can read diagrams. His jewelry pieces typically incorporate beads - particularly bugle beads - but the fact that it is tatting is not disguised by the beading.

I was grieved to discover Mr. Stawasz passed away Nov. 21, 2013 at the age of 66. Poland considered him an artistic treasure, and he won much acclaim and well deserved awards. Along with his books, he also was prolific in publishing in various magazines:

Burda "Anna"(Polish editions): Issues 3/97, 6/97, 12/97, 5/98, 5/99
"De Frivolite(k)ring": Issue #22(Oct. 2011)
"Handarbejdsbladet": Issue #4(4/2008)
"Igla i nitka": Issues 12/97, 1-2/98, 3/98, 4/98, 5/98, 6/98, 7/98
"Moje robotki": Every Issue from 9/03 to 8/07 except for 4/07
"Poradnik domowy": Issues 2/95, 3/95, 9/95, 10/95, 11/95, 12/95, 1/96, 2/96
British "Workbox": Issue #66(Dec/Jan 2001)

I pulled this information from the designer's website, which also provides scans of the photos taken for the articles. I highly recommend going to his site to take a look. Many of the patterns shown are in the two hardcover books I've reviewed for the bibliography.

And here is an errata sheet:

Errata Page for Jan Stawasz' "Tatted Treasures"

Author has a website: