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  • Preface
  • Principles of Creative Tatting
  • The 12 one ship elements
  • The 7 two ship elements
  • How to do herbs
  • How to do any kind of round blossoms (working with 3 ships)
  • Blossom made by picot rings crocheted
  • How to form with a stencil
  • How to do the gathered picot ring(before)
  • How to do the gathered picot ring(after)
  • How to create pictures
  • Examples of 4 flowers knotted with yarn no. 8
  • Examples of 9 flowers knotted with lace yarn
  • Vocabulary

Title: Kreatives Occhi(Starting Tatting Creatively)
Author/Designer: Helma Siepmann
Format/Publication Date: Sprlbnd:2000
Publisher: Self, Hattingen, Germany
Page Count: 16
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This book has been published in English, though notation is in German still. She does give the English translation for her notation, so with just a little study, it shouldn't be difficult to read. Ms. Siepmann loves organic forms and color, and has developed an impressive style of work that she teaches to anyone who wishes to learn. There is order to her chaos, but it isn't immediately apparent, and there are elements of crochet thrown in to this book to further obscure the trail.