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  • Tatting Online: Thoughts Shared by Georgia Seitz
  • A Poem For You All
    by Noelene Lafferty
    Traditional Style Tatting
    Non-tradtional Style Tatting
  • Rose Medallion
    by Doretha Albee
  • Amich's Tatted Bat
    Cluny Bee
    by Carol Amich
  • Zahra Bookmark
    by Kersti Anear
  • Rosette Edging
    by Joy Beeson
  • Exchange Bookmark
    by Cheryl Behrndt
  • Cluny Rose Striver
    by Melanie Blowers
  • Mr. WEBster, a Kwiki-Kritter Tatted Web Spider
    by Brenda Caldwell-Bonilla
  • The "Estate" Doily
    by Lynn Carpenter
  • Tatted Choker for a Russian Princess
    by Annette E. Conner
  • Snowflake #1
    by Camelia Crapo
  • Butterfly Procession Bookmark
    Celtic Crosses Snowflakes by the Online Tatting Class
    by Eliz Davis
  • Online Tatting Class Doily
    by Anne Dent/Online Class
  • Oval Cluny Motif
    by Mimi Dillman
  • Tatted Star Motif
    by Bev Dillon
  • Dove, and Snow Star
    by Beth Eddowes
  • (2)Snowflake Twins
    by Lenore English
  • Tatter's Heart
    by Colleen Esler
  • Diamonds & Pearls(edging)
    by Jan Fels
  • "Kayla" Christmas Ornament
    by Lorena J. Finnerty
  • Butterfly for the Beginner Who Learned 1 Hour Ago
    by Amanda Gault
  • Moon Over Miami
    by Hope Green
  • The Tat Chat Egg
    by Pat Greninger
  • Oval Doily
    by Saundra Hameed
  • Quick Victorian Style Bookmark
    A Yorkshire Butterfly
    by Sue Hanson
  • Floral Fantasy Bookmark
    by Jos van der Helm
  • Snowflake from Avalon
    by Mary Hickox
  • Celtic Crosses Snowflakes by the Online Tatting Class
    by Eve Hoffenkamp
  • Tatted Angel in 3-D
    by Jan Hoffman
  • The Gr-8 Butterfly
    by Randy & Gary Houtz
  • A Mukilteo Butterfly
    A Mukilteo Heart
    by Diane Howe
  • Rectangular Medallion in Filigree
    by Diane Jenkins
  • Old Fashioned Bookmark
    Becky's Small Purse
    by Becky Kelly
  • Small Three-Stitch Cross
    by Judith Alta Kidder
  • Christina Edging
    Pauline Edging
    Miss Mary Mack Edging
    by Pamela Kite
  • Triangle Motif
    by Jill E. Krone
  • Peacock Doodles
    by Bethann Laars
  • Split Ring Bookmark
    by Christine Layton
  • Daisy and Butterfly Bookmark
    Jeanne's Rosary
    by Jeanne Lugert
  • Beaded Butterfly
    Beaded Snowflake
    Twinkling Tatted Star
    Tatted Beaded Christmas Tree
    by Gale Marshall
  • Kameron Bookmark
    by Rebecca Mitchell
  • Flower Doily
    Ursus Illinois Shuttleae Myersii
    by Mark Myers
  • Layette Lace
    by Charlene Pinkowski
  • Rings-A-Plenty Bookmark
    by Dale Pomeroy
  • Restless Reader Bookmark
    by Nancy Price
  • Wedding Ring Quilt Motif for Coaster
    by Joanne Blake Schubert
  • Blumenkranz (Circle of Flowers)
    by Etha "Maus" Schuette
  • Celtic Crosses Snowflakes by the Online Tatting Class
    by Jean Schultz
  • Tatted Butterfly
    by Stephanie Shapiro
  • Pearl Tatted Bookmark
    by Lauren Snyder
  • Ring Around the Rosy, a Pattern Full of Posies
    by Karey Solomon
  • Victorian Edging
    Celtic Cross
    by Eileen Stafford
  • Set Stitch Necklace Bag
    by Dianna Stevens
  • "FAN"tasy
    by Ann Stubbs
  • Single Thread Hankie Edging
    by Mary Lou Tiffany
  • Tatted Heart
    Anne Ott's Snowflake #1
    by Ann Wilson
  • Heart of the Butterfly
    by Irene Woo
  • Hummingbird
    by Beth Zipay
  • Joining the Tat_Chat List
  • About the Editor, Georgia Seitz

Title: Tatting Online: The Official 1999 Tat_Chat Pattern Book
Author/Editor: Georgia Seitz
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1999
Publisher: Self, Anchorage, Alaska
Page Count: 100
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- There's a nice call out to Myrtle Hamilton in the introduction, one of the designers I love most. I've got a page dedicated to her and her work higher up in the bibliography, if you'd like to know more about this prolific designer. The Table of Contents in this book are given as rough categories, then as a list of all the contributing designers. It's a great list of "Who's Who" in the tatting field at the time. Some names you won't know, but there are many that you will. The cover scan is somewhat misleading as it shows only a plentitude of butterflies, but there are a lot of different motifs covered too(see Table of Contents). Instructions are a gamut of written, symbolic and diagrammed - they are not all one standard notation. There's a small section of color pages in the center of the book showing off some of the more colorful motifs - the pages are otherwise in black-and-white. I presume since the patterns came from the online chat group that they have been test tatted one and all by a variety of tatters. I'm a big fan of compilations of this nature - I love sampling a wide variety of designers, and an even bigger fan of Georgia Seitz, who has been a linchpin in the tatting community for decades. She did a superb job with this compilation, bringing together a diverse assortment of useful patterns. It's no longer available for sale, but the IOLI lending library has a copy you can look at.

Georgia Seitz runs a fabulous website at .

She is also the tatting editor of a wonderfully informative forum