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  • On Tatting
  • Pineapple Heaven
    by Doretha Albee
  • Sunflower Motif
    by Betty Albertson
  • Grandmother's Corner Bookmark
    by Sarah Ballinger
  • No Spades Flake
    by Judi Banashek
  • Elliptical Snowflake
    by Cecille Benson
  • Danish Heart
    by Karen Bovard
  • Tatted Lace Insertion
    by Susan Breheny
  • Tapestry Queen Anne's Lace
    by Kimiko Chitose
  • Earring for Maureen
    by David Collyer
  • Inspiration
    by Grace Penny
  • Beaded Hair Comb
    by Judith Connors
  • Tatted Shuttle Case
    by Katharine Cook
  • Snohomish Doily
    by Camelia Crapo
  • Solid 3-D Tatting
    by Angeline Crichlow
  • Gänselblümchen und Klee
    by Adelheid Dangela
  • Tear Drop Dangle Earring
    by Alice Daniel
  • Tatted Paisley Heart
    by Bev Dillon
  • Tatted Spoon
    by Patti Duff
  • Sunflowers and Frogs
    by Anne Dyer
  • Diamond and Flower Jeweled Pendant
    by Donna Edwards
  • Kaleidoscope
    by Lorraine Eisbrenner
  • Tooth Fairy Bag
    by Pat Farr
  • Eleonore
    by Ben Fikkert
  • Paige's Butterfly
    by Carla Finley
  • Christmas Bell Cap with Beads
    by Sandra Scales & Barbara Foster
  • Wildflowers on the Hill
    by Caroline M. Funkhouser
  • Solitaire
    by Betty Goetgeluck
  • Kim's Wide Tatted Edgings
    by Kim Goetz
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
    by Grace Goff
  • Rosebud
    by Anne Marie Grenier
  • Diamond Doily
    by Mrs. Donat Grenier
  • Victoria
    by Monica Hahn
  • Ten-Gallon Hat
    by Alice Heim
  • Tatted Hummer
    by Jana Nicol-Holley
  • A GR-8 Bookmark
    by Gary Houtz
  • Triangle Motif
    by Randy Houtz
  • Tatted Bag
    by Bertha Hutchinson
  • Lace Mat
    by Norma Benporath
  • Time & The Tatting Bug
    by Noelene Lafferty
  • Fanny Olsen's Tatted Wrist Bag
    by Gracie Larsen
  • Baby Bonnet
    by Lillian Lewis
  • Celtic Bookmark
    by LaRae Mikulecky
  • Angel Friend
    by Monica McNeil
  • Richard's Photo Frame
    by Mary McCarthy
  • Collecting Tatting Shuttles
    by Heidi Nakayama
  • Hobby Horse
    by Pam Palmer
  • Catherine Wheel
    by Rosemarie Peel
  • Tatted Wreath
    by Lauren Pelc
  • History Revisited Collar
    by Dale Pomeroy
  • So African King Protea
    by Marie Potgieter
  • Mardi Gras Maske & Jewelry
    by Marie Reeves
  • Flower Trail
    by Aileen Robertson
  • Tendrils
    by Susanne Rolf(Schuette)
  • Byron's Rose Doily
    by Georgia Seitz
  • Blossoms
    by Helma Siepmann
  • Lace Spider
    by Lauren Snyder
  • Tatted Flag Aerobics
    by Karey Solomon
  • Easter Parade Tatted Lace
    by JOAnn Stearns
  • Tatterly's Enigma
    by Dianna Stevens
  • Tatted Bookmark
    by Vida Sunderman
  • Beaded Earrings
    by Jaquie Teal
  • Criss-Cross
    by Lisa Trumble
  • Pillow Cover
    by MaryLou Tiffany
  • Dianne
    by Wilma Walker
  • Smiling Santa
    by Suzann Welker
  • Tatting Tulips
    by Diane whisnant
  • Tatted Angel
    by Kerry Whisnant
  • Lacy G-Clef
    by Dorothy Wolfe
  • Halloween Scene
    by Madge Wolford
  • Inspirational Photos
    by Grace Penny
  • Teacher Certification
  • Tatting Information of Special Interest
  • Reference List
  • Abbreviations
  • About the Author

Title: Tatting With Friends, Book 5 of the Ribbonwinners Series
Author/Editor: Georgia Seitz
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1998
Publisher: Self, Anchorage, Alaska
Page Count: 173
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This is the last of the Ribbonwinners Series I needed to complete my set, and I apparently saved the best for last - though I'm a really big fan of "Tatting Talk" too. There is so much packed into the pages of this book, it's going to take me a week to read and "unpack" it all. There are a lot of designers in here that I've never heard of, and quite a few that I've heard of but never seen any of their work. It is international in scope and breathtaking in its breadth of designers. There are so many cool patterns here I have no idea where to begin. It has become hard to find, but Georgia says a reprint is being considered. I hope she does so. It is now going for $75 on ebay(as of this writing Jan. 2015). Not only is it crammed full of diverse and creative patterns, it has a bibliography! Of Newsletters!! I had no idea there were so many tatting newsletters being published. I've got a lot of the magazines that have carried tatting patterns covered, but had knowledge of only a small handful of newsletters. OH!!! and BOOKS!!!! Patterns listed under the cover scan are in alphabetical order by designer, so it should be fairly easy to scan for your favorites. Reading the list of patterns will give you a small idea of the cornucopia you get between the covers of this gem. I'll be cuddling with this one for hours and hours, stroking it and calling it "precious". People will look at me funny and take a couple of careful steps away when I spontaneously cackle at the thought of it waiting for me when I get home from the grocery store. BWAAHaheheheheh hem. Yes, okay, out of my system. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Georgia Seitz runs a fabulous website at .

She is also the tatting editor of a wonderfully informative forum