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  • Introduction
  • Where to Start? Consider the Ends First
  • Beginning to Tat. Which Stitch First?
  • Tatting from Point A to Point B. How to get there?
  • The Fascination of Split Ring Tatting
  • A Pattern to Practice Split Rings
  • Bridging the Gap. The Split Chain in Tatting
  • Block Tatting. Begin with a Starter Picot
  • Need a Sky Hook? Try the inward Facing Picot
  • Thoughts on Opeing a Closed Ring
  • The Dread Tatting Disease, "Gapsosis"
  • Holding It all Together. Thoughts on Joining in Tatting
  • Front and Back? Does it Matter in Tatting?
  • Joining Outward Facing Rings
  • The Down Join in Tatting
  • The Picot in Tatting
  • The Use of the Picot Gauge
  • The Classic Rosette in Tatting
  • Turning the Corners. How to Avoid the Curbs
  • Beaded Tatting. Plan the Picots First
  • Tatting Fringes
  • Two Shuttle Tatting
  • The Use of Multiple Shuttles in Tatting
  • cluny or Petal Tatting, aka Death-Grip Tatting
  • Mignonette Stitch
  • Needle Tatting Basics
  • Advanced Needle Tatting
  • Blocking Tatting. Why Bother?
  • The Writing and REading of Tatting Patterns
  • Diagraming Tatting Patterns
  • Converting Crochet Patterns to Tatting
  • How to Get Started Publishing Your Own Tatting Patterns
  • Lace By Any Other Name

Title: Tatting Talk: A Self-Improvement Guide for Tatters(Book Six of the Ribbonwinners Series)
Author/Designer: Georgia Seitz
Format/Publication Date: SprlBnd:2006revised color edition
Publisher: Self, Anchorage, AK
Page Count: 50
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This book focuses on improving technique and teaching how to design your own patterns - something I love to find! She recommends other reading materials and gives great advice throughout. Take a look for yourself at the Table of Contents and see if you don't see problems you've had yourself addressed here(I've had ALL of them!). I've found another book I can recommend for beginners looking to improve their work.

Georgia Seitz runs a fabulous website at .

She is also the tatting editor of a wonderfully informative forum