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  • vorwort
  • Stricken(knitting,36pp)
  • Häkeln(crochet,24pp)
  • Weiss-Stickerei und Durchbruch(eyelet lace?/embroidery,17pp)
  • Zierstiche und Zackenlitze(braiding/rickrack,4pp)
  • Buntsticken(embroidery,2pp)
  • Durchzugarbeit(drawnwork,2pp)
  • Filet(4pp)
  • Klöppeln(bobbin lace,3pp)
  • Schiffchenspitze(tatting,2pp)
  • Schmuckfalten(smocking,2pp)
  • Handweben(weaving,5pp)
  • stepparbeiten(trapunto,3pp)
  • Lederarbeiten(leatherworking,8pp)
  • Rohrflechten(basketweaving,4pp)
  • Arbeiten aus Papier, Perlen und Wachstuch(Beading,2pp)
  • Näharbeiten(???,2pp)
  • Spielzeug(wooden toys,2pp)
  • Holz-basteleien(???,1page)
  • Christbaum-schmuck(???,1page)
  • Index
  • 2 large charts of patterns folded and inserted into a paper band glued to the inside back cover

Title: TitleWer Handarbeitet Mit - 270 Modelle in Verschiedenen Techniken(Working With Your Hands - 270 Models in Various Techniques)
Author/Designer: Bertha Schwetter
Format/Publication Date: HC:1939
Publisher: Beyer, Leipzig, Germany
Language: German
Page Count: 127
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Pages 92 and 93 covers tatting, and gives you a collar and cuff set, a hankie edging, another collar, and an elaborate 8pt doily - no basic tutorial. This book is packed with interesting stuff in teeny tiny lettering that wasn't that elaborate script the German's used to use. There was also a small booklet by Helene Mallin and some hand-typed pattern pages(corrections maybe?) included in the paper band along with the large pattern charts. The cloth patterns are all laid one over another so they look like a shrunk road map of a very busy city. Figuring out the pattern pieces you need from them would take some Athenic effort.