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  • Vorwort(forward)
  • Benutzte Techniken(techniques used)
  • Abkürzungen(abbreviations)
  • (5)Spitzen mit Ecke(with acute corner)
  • (7)Sterne(stars)
  • (2)Decken(cover)

Title: Occhi-Tatting-Frivolite: Mustersammlung
Author/Designer: Susanne Rolf
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2000
Publisher: Herstellung, Marburg, Germany
Page Count: 51
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 3/4" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 3831101078

SUMMARY- I'm always curious what directions other countries took tatting - it appears to be a world wide needlecraft not limited to any one country. I don't have many German books, so I snagged this one when I ran across it off e-bay. The instructions will have to be run through a translater as well, as she did not use symbolic notation but the older written notation. She does provide diagrams, however, and those anyone can read.

I ran the table of contents through Google translater. The "Spitzen mit Ecke" are fairly deep edgings with corners designed into the patterns - probably used for linens. Stars are self explanatory, and there are two motifs that can be used for tablecloths or table mats - one of which is displayed on the cover of the book. The triangle cover motif is the design I actually liked least. Don't know why she chose it over any of her other designs for the cover art. She does lovely work, and I'm glad I bought the book.

Leigh's additional note: Her second book is under the name Susanne Schwenke.