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  • Editorial(Jennifer Williams)
  • Flower Arrangement(Abby K. Fisher-Small(USA))
  • Doily(Adelheid Dangela(GER)
  • 'Long Live the Ring'(Barbara Hevener(USA))
  • Josephine Set(Barbara Netherwood(UK))
  • Star with Node Stitch(Brenda Rewhorn(UK))
  • Pearls in Oysters Edging(Chia-Ching Dawson(UK))
  • Butterfly Earrings(Doris Keane(UK))
  • Ranmoor Window(Elaine Scott(UK))
  • Oval Heart Doily(Georgia Seitz(USA))
  • 'Buttercup'(Hannah Crowle(UK))
  • Passion Flower(Heather Priseman(UK))
  • Badger Bookmark(Jane Eborall(UK))
  • 30th Anniversary Bracelet(Jaquie Teal(UK))
  • Train Engine(Jennifer Williams(UK))
  • Inverted Tatting(Judith Connors(AUST))
  • Forget-me-nots(Judith Connors(AUST))
  • Collar(Kimiko Chitose(JAP))
  • Heart(Lesley Bray(UK))
  • Anniversary Pendant Set(Lyn Morton(UK))
  • Split Ring Motif(Marion Horley(UK))
  • Red Hat(Michelle Roebuck(CAN))
  • Celtic Necklace(Nina Libin(USA))
  • Tiny Teddy Bear(Pam Palmer(UK))
  • Tiara(Pat Polley(UK))
  • Hot Air Balloon(Patti Duff(USA))
  • Bookmark(Riet Surtel-Smeulders(NETH))
  • Tussie Mussie(Rosemarie Peel(UK))
  • In the Pink(Ruth Baker(UK))
  • Tube Bracelet(Sally Magill(UK))
  • Motif, Edging Using Buttons(Serena Watson(UK))
  • Simply Flake(Sue Hanson(UK))
  • Abbreviations

Title: 30th Anniversary Book of Patterns
Author/Designer: see Table of Contents
Format/Publication Date: Sprlbnd:2010
Publisher: Ring of Tatters, UK
Page Count: 94
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/4" x 6"

SUMMARY- As of this writing(Sept. 2014), this book is still in print and available from the Ring of Tatters' website. I consider it a bargain - you get a big variety of patterns from a diverse and talented pool of designers from all over the world. Some are from designers I'm already a big fan of, others, like Sally Magill, have convinced me to go looking for their work based on the design they showcased here! Most of the patterns have diagrams, but not all. Notation differs from designer to designer(editors did not enforce a unified notation for the book).

The Ring of Tatters is a well established guild in England. They have a website: