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  • Introduction
  • The Story of Tatting
  • At the Beginning - the birth of the Ring of Tatters
  • Plate 1(full color):
    • Anniversary Flower(Ruth Baker)
    • This Blessed Plot(Barbara Netherwood):
      Daffodil, Grape Hyacinth, Primrose, Crocus, Bluebell
    • Bell()
    • Mermaid(Jane Eborall)
    • Fish()
    • Octopus(Heather Priseman)
  • Plate 2(full color):
    • Lady with Garland()
    • Girl with Balloon()
    • Woven Brooch(Jaquie Teal)
    • La Sagesse Nun(Jean Trundle)
    • Beaded Cross(Lindsay Rogers)
  • Plate 3(full color):
    • Presentation Tablecloths()
    • Miniature Garden()
    • Rainbow Collage(Margaret Flux)
    • Rainbow Butterfly Bookmark(Linda Dickie)
  • Plate 4(full color):
    • Anthea's Robin()
    • Kimiko's Collar(Kimiko Chitose)
    • Jug Cover(Linda Dickie)
    • Easter Egg()
    • Landscape()
    The Ring of Tatters Website
    by Sally Magill
  • Articles and Other Patterns:
      Roll Tatting:
      Mini Bookmark, Bullion Star, Blood Knot Flower
      by Linda Dickie
      Tatting, Artistry in Thread:
      Freestyle Tatting
      by Helma Siepmann
    • PATTERN:
      Edging with 'All Rings'
      by Joan Hayward
    • PATTERN:
      Lapel Bouquet
      by Margaret Flux
    • HISTORY:
      The First Ring of Tatters Bursary
      by Jaquie Teal
      3 Spot Ladybird, Swan
      by Heather Priseman
      Design in Tatting
      by Mary Konior
    • PATTERN:
      Richness and Diversity of Jewel Effect Tatting
      by Lindsay Rogers
    • Displaying Work
      by Mary Konior
    • A Judges Comments
      by Mary Konior
      Bookmark, Thistle Cross with Beads, Heart Edging & Coaster
      by Lindsay Rogers
    • PATTERN:
      Beaded Purse
      by Jane Eborall
      Cluny Tallies
      by Pearl Brooks
    • PATTERN:
      Rosace Hidlegarde avec anneaux entrelacés
      by Edwige Renaudin
  • Author Index
  • General Index

Title: Tatting For 2005: 25 Years of the Ring of Tatters
Edited by: Jane Bullivant
Format/Publication Date: Sprlbnd:2005
Publisher: Ellesmere Press Ltd., N. Yorkshire, UK
Page Count: 105
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 0953748103

SUMMARY- The editor, Jane Bullivant, went a little different direction with RoT's 2nd book. The first 53 pages is a synopsis of Newsletter issues #1(Dec. 1980 through #41(Autumn 2000) - which I find delightful - but probably not what most tatters buying it would be expecting. I will likely never see any of these early issues, let alone acquire them for the bibliography project, so getting a hold of this book was a bit of a coupe for me. There were only 18 people who got the first newsletter!

The last half of the book is an interesting mix of articles and patterns. I'm very excited to have a copy of this book, and wasn't disappointed. Your mileage, of course, may vary, if you are looking only for tatting patterns.

The Ring of Tatters is a well established guild in England. They have a website: