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    • Saturne(Beaded Wreath)
    • Cassiopea(Beaded Star)
    • Stella del Nord(round motif)
    • Andromeda(star)
    • Antares(star)
    • Sirio(motif)
    • Venere(star)
    • Orione(star)
    • Giove(star)
    • Plutone(star)
    • Aries(star)
    • Chioma de Berenice
    • Lestante(large wreath)
    • Marte(Snowflake)
    • Plutone(covered ball ornament)
    • Nettuno(covered ball ornament)
    • Castore(covered ball ornament)
    • Antares(covered ball ornament)
    • Polaris(covered ball ornament)

    Title: Chiacchierino Il Natale(Tatting Christmas): Book No. 37
    Author/Designer: Annamaria Riccardi
    Format/Publication Date: TPB:2015
    Publisher: Prestigio Edizioni SRL, Roma, Italy
    Page Count: 65
    Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"
    ISBN: 9788897709367

    SUMMARY- I think this is Annamaria's best book yet. It is all traditional tatting with some beaded bling to make a nice assortment of stars, wreaths and covered glass ball ornaments. I've added a short description of each pattern in parentheses in English in the Table of Contents. The book and instructions are in Italian, but there are diagrams for each pattern. You get full page photographs, so you can actually see the stitches in each sample. I'm happy to add this book to my collection!