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    • 30cm Ginevra
    • Sophia
    • 12cm Claudia
    • 16x13cm Liviglia
    • 19x19cm Patrizia
    • 17cm Penelope
    • 12cm Ludovica
    • Antonella(linen center)
    • 28cm Francesca(linen center)
    • Beatrice(oval,linen center)
    • 30cm Mariposa
    • 18cm Lullaby
    • Icuola di Chiacchierino

    Title: I Centrini e i Bordi Chiacchierino(Doilies and Edges in Tatting): Book No. 34
    Author/Designer: Annamaria Riccardi
    Format/Publication Date: TPB:2015
    Publisher: Prestigio Edizioni SRL, Roma, Italy
    Page Count: 41
    Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"
    ISBN: 9788897709336

    SUMMARY- I ran across Annamaria's books on Craftree, and am very happy I did! Her first book is for jewelry sets. This one is entirely doilies. She loves color and uses it. Most of the projects are simple enough I believe someone with the basics could tackle them just using the diagrams. You get big lush color photos throughout the book. Patterns are written in Italian - but the great diagrams make them accessible to any tatter with basic skills. It is often hard to find books that are geared for the newer tatter. I think both of this designer's books fit that need well. I'm happy to add them to the collection!