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Title: La Frivolite Aux Navettes: Les Bases Fondamentales Perfectionnees
Author/Designer: Edwige Renaudin
Format/Publication Date: HC:2012
Publisher: Editions Didier Carpentier, France
Page Count: 191
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 3/4" x 9"
ISBN: 9782841676859

SUMMARY- This is a fascinating book with very original patterns, mostly layered rings and chains so that there is a dimensional aspect to the motifs. There is a legend for the abbreviations she uses in her instructions- which are all in French, of course. A large section near the middle of my copy was bound in upside down, making the book even more difficult to browse. The instructions would be very difficult if you do not read French. There's the suggestion that there will be a "Book 2", which I look forward to despite the patterns not being very accessible in this one. Maybe someone will decide to republish in English? Hope so. I love the "look" of this designer's work. There's lots of lavish photography throughout, with diagrams and photo by photo tutorials scattered throughout.