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  • Virgen(picture)
  • Aplicacion para sabana(pillow case trim)
  • Centro con flores en relieve(table cover)
  • Cubrebandeja(bread doily)
  • Motivos para cojines(throw pillow covers
  • Tu y Yo(Wide Edging with corner)
  • Aplicaciones para toallas
  • Perfumadores(sachets)
  • Tapete(placemat)
  • Mariposa y abanico(butterfly,fan)
  • Centro con estrellas(table runner)
  • Cuello(collar)
  • Vestido
  • Aplicacion para sabana(pillow case trim)

Title: Frivolite: Encajes a la Lanzadera, No. 426
Author/Designer: Unknown
Format/Publication Date: TPB:Unknown
Publisher: Realce, Valencia, Spain
Page Count: 15
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This one starts off with a really lovely lace madonna profile meant to be suitably framed. The rest are traditional fare well executed. Written instructions are in Spanish, but there are diagrams for each pattern, and those need no translation. I particularly liked the five(5) sachet patterns. I can imagine tucking them in drawers and closets.

I tried unsuccessfully to find a copyright date for these booklets. My best guess is the late 1990's - but it is a guess.

Publisher has a website for La Encajera(The Lacemaker) magazine: