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  • 1. From Then Until Now. An Introduction
  • 2. Needle-Run Lace
  • 3. Tambour Limerick
  • 4. Carrickmacross Lace
  • 5. Irish Crochet
  • 6. Reticella Work
  • 7. Princess Lace
  • 8. Modern Needle-point Laces
  • 9. Filet Lace
  • 10. Tatting
  • 11. Modern Adaptations of Needle-made Laces and Net Darning
  • 12. The Care of Lace
  • Glossary of the Commoner Lace Terms

Title: Needle-Made Laces and Net Embroideries
Author/Designer: Doris Campbell Preston
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1938,1984
Publisher: The Woman's Magazine Office, London, UK(1938);
              Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY(1984);
Page Count: 160
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 5 3/8"
ISBN: 0486247082

SUMMARY- I have the 1984 Dover reprint of this book. The tatting chapter is twelve(12) pages and the author admits up front it was an afterthought. She tells us that it is "rapidly returning to favor." Hilarious. This phrase or one similar has been used in almost every tatting book ever published in the last two centuries, it seems. It's always in the process of becoming popular again but never actually seems to arrive... She also points out that it has been successfully combined with all the other types of lace given in this book at one time or another. The lesson has a few illustrations for how to hold your hands and the shuttle, with written instructions on how to construct the knots. There are a couple of full page black-and-white pictures of edging samples, but she expects you to either make up your own patterns, or buy patterns elsewhere. She gives a lovely black-and-white photo of a sample for each of the disciplines she covers, which I enjoyed. Over-all an interesting book to read, but if you're just interesteed in the tatting, I'd find a different book.