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  • Presentation
  • Materiel et Technique
  • Travaux en gros coton
  • Travaux en gros coton:
    • Le Fond de Plateau
    • Le Napperon Vert
    • Les Bordures D Etagere
    • La Bordure Papillon
    • La Bordure Aux Moulins
    • La Bordure Aux Objets
    • La Bordure Aux Cerises
    • Le Miroir
    • Le Porte Photos
  • Travaux en Coton Perle et Fil D'ecosse:
    • Les Bavettes
    • La Bavette Aux Petits Personnages
    • La Bavette Aux Chats
    • La Bavette Aux Fleurs
    • La Brassiere
    • Une Robe de Bapteme
    • Set de Table, Pochette Et Rond de Serviette
    • La Tunique
    • La Napperon Rond
    • Le Service A The
    • Le Napperon Carre
    • Le Chemin de Table
  • Travaux en Materiaux Divers:
    • Le Porte-Monnaie Retro
    • Le Bolero
    • La Pochette au Galon D'argent
    • Le Sac Bicolore
    • La Suspension Pour Pot de Fleur
    • Le Coussin-Vitrail
    • L'embrasse de Rideau
    • Le Coussin Ensoleille
    • Le Pommier du Paradis
    • Le Coussin a Rosace
    • Le Sac Perle
  • Travaux en Coton Fin:
    • Le Mouchoir Gris Et Rose
    • Le Mouchoir Blanc Et Bleu
    • Les Mouchoirs Anciens
    • Bordure De Mouchoir Ou De Napperon
    • Les Papillons
    • Le Papillon a Dominante Jaune et Orange
    • Labat-Jour

Title: La Frivolite
Author/Designer: Geneviève Ploquin
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1981
Publisher: Fleurus Idees, Paris, France
Language: French
Page Count: 143
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 1/2" x 7"
ISBN: 2215004363


Patterns are diagrammed. Samples are photographed in small groupings, and the patterns for them and instructions are on the pages after each group. Patterns are traditional, but size of thread is played with to produce things like a flower pot hanger that would usually be done in macrame, and heavy yarns used to create much larger medallions and strips to decorate pillow cushions and handbags. I was most taken with the butterflies at the end, which are not all one piece, but separate motifs and bits of edging arranged around embroidery to create the image of the butterfly. They look quite handsome. I wouldn't recommend this book if you don't read French, as it relies a lot on written instruction to convey the use of the tatting, but it surprised and pleased me how unique some of the projects were in their execution.