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  • Scuola di Chiacchierino(lessons)
  • Moduli, Moduli, Moduli-
    Primi Lavori
    ...per Prendere la Mano
  • I Miei Primi Bijoux-
    Parure in Fiore
  • Passo a Passo-
    Una Perla...
    Tra un Motivo e L'Altro
  • I Miei Primi Bijoux-
    Stelline Rubate al Cielo
  • Passo a Passo-
    Rosaelline D'amore
  • I Miei Primi Bijoux-
    Scelta di Colore
  • Passo a Passo-
    Fiori e Farfalle
  • I Miei Primi Bijoux-
    Gigli di Firenze
  • I Miei Primi Bijoux-
    Le Girandoline
  • Passo a Passo-
    Una Coroncina al Collo
  • I Miei Primi Bijoux-
    Madaglioni Irregolari

Title: Bijoux a Chiacchierino(Bijoux Tatting, Special Fashion), Speciale Moda No. 23
Author/Designer: Mme Pielle
Format/Publication Date: TPB:2015ish
Publisher: Edizioni G.E.S., Milano, Italy
Language: Italian
Page Count: 66
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 8 1/4"
ISSN: None

SUMMARY- G.E.S. publishes a wide range of craft magazines and specials, much like Better Homes and Gardens did in the 90's. This issue has the name of the designer in a weird font and so tiny that I had to get a magnifying glass in order to make sure I had the spelling correct. The copyright year is approximate, as the only way I am able to date the special issues is by advertisements that give dates for their events. This issue gives you 40 small motifs that puts me in mind of Patti Duff's Minitats- 69 Petite Motifs, then you get a series of lovely jewelry sets that I think are some of the best examples out there. You get diagrams with the pieces, and written instructions in Italian. I think this may be my favorite of all the G.E.S. special editions.

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