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  • Diagram for Cross-stitch Design(seen on cover)
  • Crochet Lesson
    • (6)Simple Lace Edgings
    • "The Cup That Cheers" Filet Tea Tray Cloth
    • Filet Flower Basket Chair-Tidy
    • Filet Butterfly Insertion and Edgings
    • Filet Bridge Table Cover and Towel
    • Filet Flower Bowl Lace Border and Insertion
    • Filet Japanese Crest Design for a Cushion
    • Filet Butterfly Design for Pincushion
    • Filet Wreath Design for Round Cushion
    • Filet Tulip Scarf End Insertion, Edging
    • Filet Flower Basket Scarf End Insertion, Edging
    • Filet Fleur-de-lis Edging
    • Filet Clover Insertion
    • (15)Filet Medallions of Different Shapes and Sizes
    • Curtain with Medallion and Lace of Filet
    • Charming Filet Yoke
    • Charming is Applique Filet Crochet
    • Evening Scarf of Net and Worsted
    • Filet Rose Turret-Shaped Edging for Surplice Gown
    • Filet Yoke for Nightgown
    • Irish Crochet Roses on a Filet Crochet Yoke for Corset Cover or Nightgown
    • Filet Crochet Collar with a Simple Design
    • Four Filet Crochet Alphabet/Monogram Sets
  • A Lesson in Tatting
    • (2)Handkerchief Edges
    • Towel with Scroll border Insertion
    • Towel with Linked Ovals Insertion
    • (2)Medallion Insertions
  • Knitting Made Easy For the Beginner
    • Booties to Keep Baby's Toes Warm
    • Crochet Bluebird Afghan and Pillow
    • Misses' or Ladies' Middy Blouse, Size 36
    • Crochet Shawl with Cuffs
    • Crochet Jumper and Ladies' Slippers
    • Child's Knitted Middy Jumper
    • Child's Crochet Sweater with Kimono Sleeve
    • Ladies' Knit Sweater with Fitted Waist
    • Girls' Knit Athletic Middy

Title: Pictorial Review Book of Crochet, Knitting and Tatting
Author/Designer: Not given
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1917
Publisher: Pictorial Review Company, NY, USA
Language: English
Page Count: 51
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 6 3/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- This was an interesting find. My copy is not in great shape, though it at least has all its pages. It is mostly crochet, and it shows you a lot of patterns that you then have to buy separately(they're not actually in the book). The handful of tatting patterns use traditional technique, but are quite striking in their presentation - I'd be thrilled to have the scroll border or linked oval towels hanging in my kitchen. The knitting section is mostly crochet, for some reason. I guess they didn't think the knitting section had enough patterns in it and adding crochet patterns to that part of the book would fool the person buying the book? Dunno. Still, glad I came across it.