Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection
2013 Iva Rose Reproduction

Cover Image Property of PUBLISHER
This image was scanned from my private collection


  • Directions for Tatting
  • (14)Edgings and Borders
  • (5)Medallions with Cornered Edgings to Match
  • (3)Yokes
  • Boudoir Cap with Tatted Crown
  • Nut Cup
  • Nut Basket
  • Photo Frame
  • Butterfly Motif
  • Handbag
  • Handkerchief Edging with Medallion Corner
  • Dainty Baby's Cap with Matching Jacket
  • (2)Ribbon Threaded Insertions
  • Baby Cap and Matching Bootees
  • Oval Doily with Linen Center
  • Scarf End with Butterfly Motif
  • Medallion Border for Linen Doily
  • Deep Tasselled Scarf End

Title: Handbook of Tatting
Author/Designer: Needlecraft Publishing Co., Augusta, Maine
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1915,2013(reproduction by Iva Rose Reproductions)
Publisher: Needlecraft Publishing Company, Augusta, Maine
Language: English
Page Count: 24
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- I try to hold out for original editions to include in the catalog, but in all the years I've been hunting for the rare and antique tatting books, I've never run across a copy of this one. Thankfully, Iva Rose Reproductions does a fantastic job of reproducing rare antique editions. This book came out during that time period when tatting was making a major comeback - between 1910 to 1925 - when there was a huge production of needlearts books and magazines. Tatting had gone fallow again by the second World War, and didn't rise again in any significant way until Angeline Crichlow and a few other traditional tatters decided to push for its revival in the late 70's, early 80's. Tatting didn't die altogether between the upsurges - there was still "Workbasket" faithfully publishing a token pattern or two in each issue through those dry decades, thanks to designers like Myrtle Hamilton(shuttle) and Selma and Ed Morin(Jiffy needle tatting).

I figured this book would be just more of the same from the 1910's, but there are five patterns that made me sit up and go Wow! The medallions with matching cornered edges are terrific, and not a conscious combo I've seen all that often. Here you have five all together to choose from, and they all look marvelous. They each have what look like faux cluny leaves at the centers of the medallions, to give them a unique look. Patterns are in written notation of the time, in small crowded font and not broken down at all, but the designs throughout the book are handsome, and a great example from the time period.

...And two weeks after posting this review, I finally ran down an original edition! So I can now share patterns from this book if I wish. I still recommend buying the Iva Rose reproduction.

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