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    • Description of Stitches
    • Favorite Fan Lace
      by Mrs. J.R. Mackintosh
    • Tidy, English Design
      by Katherine R. Perkins
    • "Texas Star" Tidy
      by Mrs. J.B.S.
    • Child's Crocheted Hood
      by Mrs. H. R. Stephens
    • Strawberry Lace, with corner
      by Mrs. J.B.B.
    • Panel Lace
      by Viola C. Parker
    • Pineapple Doily
      by Ella Davis
    • Two Pretty and Useful Edgings
      by Marcia L. Calkins
    • (linen)Centerpiece with Crocheted Border
      by Not given
    • Zigzag Fan Lace
      by Mrs. E.L.S.
    • Altar Lace
      by Mrs. Eva Carse
    • Block for Bedspread
      by Mrs. A.L. Workman
    • Child's Bonnet in Pineapple Design
      by Mattie
    • Plate-Doily with Wheel Center
      by Mrs. A.L. Bronson
    • Peacock Feather Lace
      by Prudence Penn.
    • Knotstitch-and-Shell Lace
      by Majorie Allyn
    • Sunflower Doily
      by Macia Phillips
    • Baby's Crocheted Cape, with Hood
      by Mrs. C.H. Hardy
    • Ladies' Knitted Gloves
      by Ella Collison
    • Babies' Knitted Bootees
      by Alice Mahew
    • Child's Crocheted Cap
      by Not given
    • Child's Knitted Skirt
      by D.L.D.
    • Child's Hood
      by Mrs. Belle Winnagle
    • Baby's Jacket in Roll-stitch
      by R.J.W.
    • Infant's Knitted Jacket in Knot-stitch
      by Mrs. W.R.B.
    • Ladies' Crocheted Hood
      by Mrs. H.J. Cameron
    • Men's Plain Knitted Gloves
      by Octo.
    • Ladies' Hood
      by Mrs. M.A. Dickinson
    • Babies' Bootees
      by L.M.J.
    • Ladies' Crocheted Skirt
      by Opal.
    • Infant's Knitted Hood
      by Marguerita Nelson
    • Child's Crocheted Kimono
      by Opal.
    • Knitted Bootees
      by V.D.
    • Description of Stitches
    • Head o'Wheat lace
      by F.W.B.
    • Palmleaf Edging and Insertion
      by Louise M. Kelsey
    • Cordova Lace
      by Helena Richmond
    • Diamond Strip, fo Counterpane
      by Mrs. E.R. Vaughan
    • Dainty Lace and Insertion
      by Chloe Q. Cumber
    • Child's Knitted Bonnet
      by Mrs. H.H.M.
    • Narrow Leaf Lace
      by Fern
    • Medallion Lace
      by M.H.J.
    • Double Roseleaf Insertion
      by Lill Hilt
    • Ribbed Lace
      by Miss L. Hilt
    • Wheel Doily
      by Alice Baxter
    • Knitted Stripe for Counterpane
      by L.I.S.
    • Knitted Edge and Corner for Handkerchief
      by Mrs. Annie Cooledge
    • (4)Knitted Edgings
      by Mrs. H.E.G.
    • Knitted Border
      by Not given
    • Fancy Apron
      by W.E.S.
    • Babies' Embroidered Shoes
      by Anna Clarke
    • Huck-a-buck Darning
      by C.A.S.
    • Hat in Eyelet Embroidery
      by Frances Howland
    • Doily in Danish Antique Embroidery
      by Hilda Mueller
    • Doily in Eyelet Embroidery
      by E.P.
    • Centerpiece in Cutwork Border
      by Miss A.A. Palmer
    • "Red Men" Sofa-Pillow
      by Edna Carter
    • Doily in Cutwork
      by A.L.P.
    • An "Oakland and Acorn" Square, in Cross-stitch
      by Not given
    • Cheese Plate Doily
      by Not given
    • Centerpiece in White Embroidery
      by Mrs. Grace Macomber
    • Border for Table-cover or Scarf
      by Not given
    • Borders in Cross-stitch
      by A.L.G.
    • Sofa-Pillow
      by Josephine E. Gammon
    • Fruit Doily in Outline Embroidery
      by Josephine E. Gammon
    • Huck-a-buck Sofa-Pillow
      by Sadie Bisbee
    • Three Attractive Sofa Pillows
      by E.H.M.
    • Sofa-Pillow with Braid Decorration
      by G.E.M.
    • Pretty Sofa-Pillow
      by M.K.W.
    • Sofa-Pillow in Featherstitching or Braiding
      by Lucy J. Tinkham
    • Braiding Design fo Sofa-Pillow
      by Mrs. Teresa Bates
    • Tea-Cloth in White Embroidery
      by Mrs. Maggie Eddy
    • Collar and Cuff Set fo Christmas Giving
      by Mrs. G.M.
    • Tab-Collar in Cutwork
      by Frances Howland
    • In White Embroidery
      by Hilda Mueller
    • Mat with Border in Venetian Embroidery
      by Miss Birdie Sharp
    • Tab-Collar of Wheels
      by Etta McDonald
    • Doily with Teneriffe Border
      by M.J.W.
    • Doily with Border of La Platte Lace
      by Mrs. J.D.H.
    • Collar or Yoke in Teneriffe Work
      by O.A.H.
    • Doily or Cushion-Cover
      by Harriet E. Wood
    • Tatted Doily
      by Pansy
    • Yoke for Corset-Cover or Chemise
      by E.C.K.
    • Novelty Doily or Cushion-Cover
      by A Subscriber
    • Tab Collar, In Tatting
      by H.T.G.
    • (4)Medallions in Tatting
      by Jessie M. DeWitt
    • Tatted Collar
      by H.M.C.
    • Handkerchief with Tatted Border
      by Mrs. D.D.C.
    • The Hemstitch
    • Lesson in Hardanger Embroidery
    • Cushion-Cover in Hardanger
      by Mrs. H.A.
    • Collar and Cuff Set
      by Mrs. H.A.R.
    • Three Simple Drawnwork Patterns
      by Jessica
    • Drawnwork Corner for Handkerchief
      by Mrs. M.P.B.
    • Sofa-Pillow
      by Mrs. J.P. Olsen
    • Collar-and-Cuff Set
      by Mrs. Daisy Holt
    • Tea Cloth in Mexian Work
      by T.B.C.
    • Drawnwork Border, French Design
      by T.B.C.
    • Handkerchief Corner in Drawnwork
      by Ola
    • Drawnwork Sofa-Pillow Cover
      by Lucile Kay
    • Drawnwork Border
      by Marion Harvey
    • Simple Design for Fringed Scarf
      by Emma May
    • Corner for Handkerchief or Doily
      by M.G.
    • Dainty Hardanger Doily
      by Ola Jensen
    • End of Dresser-scaft, in Drawnwork
      by Mrs. Bertha Hansen
    • Fringed Doily in Drawnwork
      by H.J.B.
    • Corner in Drawnwork
      by Theresa Carlson
    • Drawnwork Corner for Handkerchief
      by M.V.R.
    • Cover for Toilet-cushion in Modern Lace
      by Mrs. N.J.
    • Corner for Tea-Table Cover
      by G.E.M.
    • Handsome Battenberg Square
      by E.L.H.
    • Centerpiece in Renaissance Lace
      by Frances Howland
    • Picture Frame in Renaissance Lace
      by M.A.M.
    • Design for Lace Hat
      by Frances Howland
    • End of Sideboard-Scarf
      by Ethel W. King
    • Infant's Yoke in Princesse Lace
      by Josephine
    • Scarf for Sideboard or Bureau
      by Frances Howland
    • Handkerchief in Flemish Lace
      by Frances Howland
    • Handsome Battenberg Table-cover
      by Frances Howland
    • Plate-Doily or Fancy Mat in Duchesse Lace
      by Mrs. G.E.M.
    • Fleur-de-lis Design for Door-Panel
      by Frances Howland
    • Bolero Jacket in Duchesse Lace
      by Nettie M. Gammon
    • Lace and Insertion for Curtains
      by Frances Howland
    • Sofa-pillow with Battenberg Applique
      by A.C.C.
    • Centerpiece in Russian Braid
      by Mrs. M.A.D.
    • Star Centerpiece in Russian or Maltese Braid
      by Mrs. J.J. Moore
    • Battenberg Doilies(2)
      by F.H.H.
    • Tab Collar in Maltese Lace
      by Not given
    • Armenian Lace
      by T.B.C.
    • Round Collar with Lace Applique Border
      by Mrs. A.L.B.
    • Two Danish Doilies, in Renaissance Lace
      by Frances Howland

Title: Handbook of Needlecaft
Editor: Margaret Barton Manning
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1910
Publisher: The Vickery & Hill Publishing Company, Augusta, Maine
Language: English
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- The editor really swung for the fences with this collection. There's nothing in here that I would call simple for a beginner, and the print is tiny tiny tiny. The tatting section is modest in size, but has some really lovely work. I've taken the time to enter the designer's names - mostly we were given only their initials. The crochet, knitting, and tatting patterns are there, but the patterns for the other sections are only described - and with no ordering information to get the full patterns. So, did this book come with some other catalog? I don't know. You get a black-and-white photo of each sample article, to show you how the pattern should turn out. This came out on the leading edge of a renaissance for the needlearts that rolled for about two decades, when a ton of designers came to prominence and fought for their audiences' egg money.