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  • Foreword
  • Explanatory Stitches(crochet)
  • (26)Edgings(crochet)
  • Pincushion(crochet)
  • Daisy Pincushion(crochet)
  • Apron(crochet)
  • Table Cover(crochet)
  • Wheel for Centerpiece(crochet)
  • Rose Center Doily(crochet)
  • Cross Center Doily(crochet)
  • Pincushion(crochet)
  • Handkerchief Edging(crochet)
  • Collar(crochet)
  • Guest Towels(crochet)
  • Night Dress Yoke(crochet)
  • Corset Cover or Camisole(crochet)
  • Platter Doilies(crochet)
  • Table Cover(crochet)
  • Motif of Cover, Centerpiece and Pillow(crochet)
  • Basket(crochet)
  • Bib(crochet)
  • Bridge Cover(crochet)
  • Infant's Dress(crochet)
  • (4)Edgings(tatting)
  • Round Medallion or Doily(tatting)

Title: Nufashond Rick Rack Book, Vol. 2
Author/Designer: Narrow Fabric Company, Reading, PA
Format/Publication Date: TPB:1916
Publisher: Narrow Fabric Company, Reading, PA
Page Count: 24
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9" x 6"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- All of the designs in this book were designed with rick rack intrinsically incorporated into the work - the company was, after all, in the business of selling trims like rick rack. The last two pages have a few token tatting patterns. This is the earliest book I have that pairs rick rack with tatting as of this writing. I will get a PDF made of it when I can find the time, and will update this page when I get it done. In the mean time...

There are PDF files of most of the second book at: